How To Choose The Right Perfume For You

Perfumes add up aura and beauty to every person. Their scents lift up a mood or bring back fond memories. They simply make you smell really good.

Imagine a popular gamer with a very fragrant smell passing by, the fans would definitely turn their heads around. There are thousands of right perfumes just for you. Just be careful with the fake ones to avoid wasting your money.

People have different scent preferences. Some want it to be cool, fresh, sweet, fruity, floral, masculine, sporty, or preppy. To know it’s the best perfume for you, we have lined up a list of tips.

Research About Perfumes

Although not always but it’s best to start with thinking about your daily life. Do you already have preferred scents? There are four main types of scents: fresh, oriental, warm, and woody.

You might already have a brand in mind that you want to try. Then, you can add this to your list but don’t forget about your scent of choice. There are attractive custom perfume bottles that might interest you along the way.

Choose A Scent

Perfumes have different so-called notes. It means the overall scent of the perfume. Notes consist of different layers which is the base, top, and middle note.

These layers synergize to create a specific smell. For example, you have a floral perfume that contains different scent notes like rose or gardenia. If you have a fruity perfume, it can have scent notes like citrus or apple.

Are you a fan of exotic perfumes? If you can notice, they contain spicy notes like cinnamon. Men’s perfumes have masculine notes like pine or leather-based.

It’s best to learn which type of perfume you prefer so that you will know which base note you want to purchase soon. Learn more about these scents to get a better idea of which best suits you.

Sample Scents

Visit a physical store and spray the sample on your wrist. You can also spray it on your elbow for the fragrance to heat up. The scent reveals over time.

If you’re buying from a physical store, it will be easier for you to choose the right scent. But if you’re purchasing online, it’s best that you already have an idea of what the brands will smell like.

Online stores have attractive marketing strategies of using perfume packaging boxes. This way, you will have a glance at how the perfume smells. They will use relevant graphic designs apart from the product description of the perfumes itself.

Choose A Concentration

You already have learned about the notes of perfumes. Now, it’s time for you to learn about different levels of fragrance concentrations. According to research, as the concentration goes higher, the price goes higher too.

Perfumes are said to be either oil-based or water-based. Perfumes with higher concentrations are more powerful.

Their fragrance last longer which makes it effortless to spray yourself again and again. They’re mostly pricey but all worth it.

The highest concentration perfumes are called perfume or parfum. Even though your clothing was used 24 hours ago, the scent will still be there. They are usually applied on wrists or pulse joints.

The next level concentration is called eau de parfum. It can last not longer than six hours after application. Then, the third level is eau de toilette which is fairly adorable.

The third one is easier to find in retail stores. However, this kind of perfume needs more than one application to last throughout the day.

There’s still the fourth level of concentration which is called eau de cologne. It only lasts for two hours which makes you spray yourself more often than the third concentration.

Fragrance Test

It’s alright to do simple tests before finally purchasing the fragrance of your choice. This is to make sure it’s something you will always wear. Also, this is to make sure you’re getting what you paid for.

Do a sniff test of the bottle just to get an idea how what the perfume smells like. You can also apply a very little amount to your skin.

Department or cosmetic stores have this strategy of offering testers to their potential customers. It’s one way to convince customers to buy from them. If you’re a perfume business owner, you can also check on any packing and sealing machine.

People naturally have different hormones and pheromones that alter the way how a fragrance smells. It’s good to spray a small amount on your wrist and give it a moment. Then, you can smell the scent from your skin.

The scent can diminish in just a little time depending on its chemical solution. Be careful because some perfumes’ mixture didn’t match the chemicals added to it.

Discover Your Favorite

You’re lucky if you don’t have any allergies to any scents or perfumes. Move forward with discovering the fragrance that you love. It’s challenging but you’ll enjoy the process anyway.

Perfume business owners try to innovate from time to time. They even buy from wholesale juice bottles suppliers to alter packaging for their products. This is an aspect of the perfume that you will check after learning all about fragrance.