How to Buy the Proper Kitchen Cabinets

The heart and soul of any flat is the kitchen. That is why everybody wants to buy stylish and quality kitchen cabinets in Charlotte and not repent after they are installed. While making the final choice, you need to learn how to arrange cabinets, what materials to pick, and what you can save well on.

Selecting a Material for a Kitchen Set

Cabinetry can be manufactured from various materials, among which MDF, wood, and chipboard are in the greatest demand. The most demanded and the cheapest choices for the kitchen and bathroom cabinets are MDF and chipboard. Both variants allow you to get a good product that meets environmental standards. The only difference is the service life of such furniture. For example, after 5 years, you will have to think about purchasing new cabinetry if you have chosen chipboard cabinetry.

Nevertheless, the best variant in terms of price and quality is MDF. It is a good choice for facades and cases, which can be covered with veneer, plastic, enamel, acrylic, or PVC film. 

MDF is relatively inexpensive. The structure of the material is as similar to solid wood as possible, with various components and impregnations. That’s why the material has features that are important for a special kitchen environment: strong resistance to fungi, moisture, mold, and good tolerance to high temperatures.

When installing wooden, MDF, or chipboard cabinets, don’t forget to leave 2.5 cm gaps between the hob and adjacent kitchen modules. It does not apply to built-in appliances that are equipped with a professional cooling system. This will let you provide ventilation and protect the headset. The resulting gap can be closed with special overlays.

Some Tips for Selecting Kitchen Cabinets

To purchase quality cabinets at a bargain price, remember a few simple tips:

  • Ready-made standard cabinetry that is not custom-made will cost 25-30% less.
  • Follow the promotions of cabinetry manufacturers. Websites often feature cabinetry that you can purchase at a lower cost. Sometimes discounts can reach 60–70%.
  • Modules with one hinged door are cheaper than modules with two.
  • You do not have to purchase all kitchen set at once but pick separate cabinetry that can fit into the interior in style and size.
  • You can use free applications to make kitchen designs and calculate the cost of furniture.
  • Consider carefully the cabinet widths for your room. A module for a kitchen 80 cm wide will cost 5-10% less than two 40 cm cabinets. 
  • Choose high-quality, strong, and convenient fittings for those lockers that you are going to use more often.
  • Standard cabinets with a height of 60 cm are 10–20% cheaper than models with a height of 72 or 92 cm. 
  • Put the most quality rails on the heaviest and deepest drawers for pans, groceries, and pots.

Following simple tips, it will not be hard to find suitable kitchen cabinets by yourself without any help. If you wish to realize a grandiose project in your interior, you can always ask for help from a designer who will not miss a single important detail.