How to arrange a room for a teenager

Children grow up imperceptibly. It would seem that it was only recently the first day of kindergarten, and already today the parents are facing an adult, independent, willful teenager. As the child grows up, his tastes, interests increase. The interior of a separate corner of the boy, girl should be updated in time, and is fully consistent with age. 

This task rests on the shoulders of parents. Independently creating a design for a teenager’s room is quite difficult. You’ll have to completely change the furnishings, decorations, and be sure to take into account the personal wishes of the daughter, son. More about decorating a teenager’s room is told in this article.

Interior for girls

Girls grow up very quickly. Animals, dolls in an instant are replaced by cosmetics, fashion magazines, stylish outfits. Growing up, the girl begins to pay a lot of attention to their appearance, fashion. If at thirteen, you can leave room for games with dolls, then with sixteen it is important to arrange the interior for a real lady.

Start decorating a teenager’s room should be with the choice of style. Girls usually like gentle, stylish directions – Provence, classic, modern. The main color palette should be calm, neutral. It is not necessary to paint the walls in pink. It can be replaced by purple, lilac color. When choosing colors, it is better to be guided by your daughter’s personal preferences. If she likes black, there is nothing wrong with it. The black and white combination looks great in a classic direction.

The furniture should be functional and tasteful. The number and type of items is better to discuss with the teenager. The style of furniture should match the style of the room. Then it will be achieved this harmony. Decorate your own room teenager should not. This task is better to entrust to the daughter. She was happy to take an active part in the process. Girls like to do improvement, decoration design at any age. The task of parents will be to control the actions, new acquisitions of the teenager.

Interior of a teenage boy’s room: from 12 to 18 years old

Develop a design for a male teenager’s room should be based on age. Each age is characterized by its own characteristics.

From 12 to 13. During this period, the individuality manifests itself. Boys for the first time become interested in something seriously. Many have hobbies, hobbies. It is important to provide all the conditions for the child’s development in the chosen area. Hobbies should by all means be reflected in the environment of the home. Over time, it could grow into his life’s work. If the child’s character is fickle and has not yet decided on the hobby, it is better to choose a neutral interior.

From 14 to 15. A difficult period. At this age, boys begin to imitate idols, spend more time with friends, and attend various events. Parents should support the child, even if the chosen idol they do not like at all. At 15, the boy’s room may be covered with posters of his favorite athlete, artist. The interior is better to do calm, colors must have a positive effect on the boy’s psyche.

From 16 to 17. in the interior of a teenager’s room should appear a wall of “glory”. By this period of life, the son becomes a full-fledged personality, achieves certain results in his hobby. Diplomas, cups, praise lists, medals, photos can be hung on one of the walls. In choosing a style direction, it is better to trust the child. He will make the decision himself. If the decision does not like it, you will still have to put up with it. The parents are already an adult in front of them. He has the right to decide for himself how to live.

From 18 years old. The child has grown up. Now he is not a boy, but a real man. He has already chosen his future profession, actively meets girls. At this age, a modern style will be the most appropriate. It can be minimalism, loft. In the room, there is no place for toys, decorative elements. The interior should be restrained, serious. It should necessarily have a sports corner.

Two boys: ensuring a comfortable coexistence

Raising two boys at the same time is not easy. You will have to face a lot of difficulties. Arrangement of a joint living space – one of the most difficult tasks. Ideally, the design of the room for teenage boys should be functional, spacious, stylish. However, each child will have his own notion of beauty, style, comfort. It is important to intelligently combine all of this in one space.

The following tips will help optimize the boys’ room:

  • The sleeping area can be left as a common area. A bunk bed will do an excellent job with this task. The main thing is that the guys should agree who will sleep on top. Usually the top tier is the most desirable.
  • It is better to buy a cabinet to order. You will need a large closet, consisting of two identical sides. This is the optimal solution to the problem of storing things. The wardrobe-compartment can be decorated with mirrored doors. Then the room will seem more spacious.
  • The work area should not be common. One desk, a computer will constantly be the cause of quarrels. Two small computer desks in the boys’ favorite color should be purchased. It is better to divide the tables with a decorative partition, providing children with their own personal inviolable space.
  • The recreation, sports and entertainment area can be common, even if the sons have different interests. Items for both boys should be placed there. This can be a punching bag, bookshelf, guitar, soccer ball, chessboard, and more.
  • The style direction of the room teens should be as neutral as possible. It is not necessary to go along with one of the sons, disadvantaging the other. A great option would be minimalism. It will be possible to combine the interests of both children.

Features of modern interior

If you want to create a universal design of the room of a teenage boy or a little lady, you should definitely look at modern interior styles. They are suitable for girls, boys equally. There are three most popular branches of modern trends:

  • Minimalism;
  • High-tech;
  • Loft.

Minimalism is characterized by spaciousness. The room should not be cluttered with unnecessary objects, decorative elements. This style has a certain element of education. It teaches to appreciate the available things newmags. An undoubted plus of minimalism is a light color palette. This solution is ideal for dwellings of different sizes. Cleaning the room takes a minimum of time – this advantage is highly appreciated by housewives.

High-tech will give the opportunity to arrange the perfect room design for a teenage boy. It is characterized by space motifs, functionality, unconventional finishes, and pleasant cool colors. High-tech implies the presence of modern technology. A computer, a television set and a variety of technical gadgets fit perfectly into the environment. In contrast to minimalism irtdaily, this trend allows the use of decorative elements. It is important not to go overboard with their quantity. A lot of decor will make cleaning much more difficult.

Loft is a “descendant” of the industrial style. This solution is now actively used in the design of offices, studio apartments, offices. Loft is a practical option for the nursery. In this decision, there is no need to adhere to a single layout. You can install furniture of different sizes and shades. Accessories should be chosen based on the child’s preferences.

Loft is characterized by a fairly calm coloring. Light gray, white, beige have a positive effect on the psyche, suitable for both sexes. The disadvantage of loft can be called its requirements for the size of the room. In a tiny space the loft looks less attractive.

Choosing furniture

A bed, a roomy closet, a desk, and a chair are the main things that parents need to think about choosing. So how do you choose the right furniture?

Let’s consider the main criteria for selection in more detail:

  • Design. The first parameter that plays a role in the harmony of the home. The selected items should be fully consistent with the overall environment. It is advisable to buy all the furniture at once, so that you won’t make a mistake with the selection of individual elements.
  • Fabrication material. The most popular materials used in the manufacture of furniture items are: wood, metal and glass. Wooden products are characterized by high environmental friendliness, a long service life. Their appearance in some cases can be restored independently after minor damage. Chips, scratches can be easily masked with paint and varnish. Wooden furniture is expensive businesslognews, difficult to assemble. Assemble the goods should be specially trained craftsmen. Metal beds are highly durable, wear-resistant. Today they are quite popular. In a fire, the bed will not be damaged, it does not need to be treated with special impregnants in conditions of high humidity. A significant disadvantage of metal is its heavy weight. Transporting the bed will be problematic. Glass tables, cabinets are well suited for the nursery. Modern glass is not so easy to break. Parents should not worry about the safety of the products. The disadvantage of glass is its high price artdailynewsonline.
  • The quality of fittings. Experienced owners know that the first thing that falls into disrepair in furniture is the fittings. Fasteners, handles, flaps, locks are easy to break. They often have peeling paint. Ugly, poor-quality fittings can significantly spoil the appearance of the product and the entire interior. When selecting furniture, you should pay attention to small parts. They must be made of durable materials, with no external visible damage. The cabinet doors should open without much effort.