How does a pedestal sump pump work

Anyone with a basement would know how important waterproofing is to avoid flooding the basement and how important sump pumps are for the same. They effectively get rid of the pent-up groundwater away from your house. While some people opt for the submersible sump pumps, others prefer the pedestal pumps for one reason or another. In this pedestal sump pump guide, we’ll take a dive into the pedestal sump pumps and their mechanism of working!

Setup of a Pedestal Sump Pump

True to its name, a pedestal sump pump is the one whose motor is set on top of a pole affixed to a pedestal base. So, the mother sticks out and has no connection with the water inside. The pedestal has an impeller inside, which rotates and sucks the water in as a result. Once the water has been collected it is diverted out of the pit via the pipe attached to the pedestal.

How is it activated?

Activation of pedestal pumps works through floats. A float is left hanging low and is connected to an activation switch from the other side. The float is raised slowly as the water comes in via the inlet pipes into the pedestal. Once it reaches a threshold level, the float is raised. This leads to a change in the activation switch’s position, which, as a result, turns the sump pump on.

How is it different from the Submersible Pump?

The prime difference between the two is the motor and its position. While the motor sticks out and has no contact with water in a pedestal pump, it is submerged in the water pit in a submersible type. Therefore, the Pedestal pump does not require the protective layering that the submersible pump needs. It is pretty simple to install, and there will be no issues regarding the motor being damaged due to water leakage. Also, this position of the motor allows the sound of the working motor to be heard more clearly as compared to the submersible pump. However, with no water to cool it off, overheating might be a problem.


That’s all about the Pedestal Sump Pump. Once you’re thoroughly aware of the key- principles of its functioning and the difference between the various kinds of pumps, you can easily choose the one that fits your preferences. For more queries regarding waterproofing and sump pumps, you can visit our website.