Hobart’s Top Restaurants Only Use The Best Produce

Lunch and Dinner Dining With a Fresh Chefs Menu

As a tourist town that sees thousands of visitors every year, Hobart is focused on creating a welcoming atmosphere full of new experiences and supports the local residents in any way it can. By ensuring that all produce is the best available, local restaurants provide fresh and light meals, filling and ready to impress the most discernible diners.

There are several restaurants in and around Hobart that offer meals for any time of day. Decadent breakfasts, delectable lunches, and fine dining dinners offer a wide range of options and experiences. Hotels are each able to offer their own take on local menus by sourcing the produce locally and building their own unique experience. The Wrest Point Restaurants are varied and open to all guests of the hotel, including the ability to offer room service for some meals.

Within the hotel site, there are restaurants that offer each meal of the day. Coffee shops and family restaurants serve breakfast each morning, the bistro is open for lunch and supper, and the family and fine dining restaurant offers a high-quality meal with only the best ingredients and newest dining trends. Select a different restaurant for each meal or return to your favorite to try more dishes for each day of your stay.

Local Hobart Produce Produces Flavours That Please

Tasmania has a selection of fresh produce that are grown in the area of Hobart. These are widely available to the restaurants for their menus. Butcher shops offer a selection from local farms, while seafood is brought in fresh from the surrounding waters. With little distance to travel they are still fresh upon arrival and ideal for making the day’s meals. Local coffee wholesalers provide the highest quality brews, and delicatessens offer a range of cheeses to try. For fresh produce, there are several local markets that offer the best of the day, and wineries provide a wide variety of wines.

Known for their apples, even called “Apple Isle”, Tasmania has several fresh fruits and vegetables that are easily available. Black truffles are harvested in the northern areas, and Tamar Valley has the climate for cherries and stone fruit such as peaches, mangos, plums, lychees, and more. They are fresh on the orchards and available both at local restaurants in their own cooking as well as roadside stands, farmer’s markets, and more. Cherries and berries are abundant and offer a fresh flavor with a boost of color.

Wrest Point Restaurants make the most of the foods and products that are available locally to create a fine dining experience with every meal. Locally sourced foods are fresh and have a taste that is specific to the area. Many travelers consider trying the local foods in any area they visit as a key part of the traveling, and much of the produce that Tasmania, and Hobart, offer have their own specific flavour that is unmatched in other areas.