History of Make-a-wish Foundation

To serve humanity is the passion of many people in this world. Nowadays, there are various organizations, which are working for this noble cause. People love to help others through all the means they have. Make-a-wish International is one such organization. This foundation started in the USA in 1980. Now it has 62 chapters in 47 different countries.

How make-a-wish came into being and how they started working is a complete story. They take their inspiration from the story of a 7-year old child. The history of this foundation is briefly explained here.

How Did it Start?

In 1980, a 7-year old child named Christopher Grecieus was diagnosed with a very serious disease called leukemia. The kid had a dream to become a police officer one day. His disease became the barrier in his dream. This was the time for the kid when he could not do anything to achieve his goal.

Wish Impact (Worldwish) can have a huge influence on the thoughts of people. At that time, a U.S customs officer helped Chris fulfill his dream. He became friends with Chris and helped him in getting what he wanted. He worked at that time to grant the youngsters their wish. This was one of its kind acts and it turned out to be the real inspiration for Make-a-wish foundation.

Make-a-wish foundation is a charity organization. Their main aim is to help those children who have a wish but cannot fulfill it. This might be just because they face some disease at an early age. So they work to help those kids get what they want.

Categories of the Wishes

The wishes they try to fulfill can be divided into five different categories.

  • The kid wants to go somewhere
  • The kid wants to get something
  • The kid wants to meet someone
  • The kid wants to be someone
  • The kid wants to give something

These are the kind of wishes which make-a-wish foundation fulfills.

How They Work

The organization helps the authorities to find out a way so that the kid gets his wish fulfilled. It could be any favorable situation as it was in the case of Christopher. Chris became the police officer for one day in which he wore a proper uniform and performed the duties of a police officer.

Similarly, if a kid wishes to go somewhere, they will take him to that place. This makes the kids happy and brings smiles to their faces.

Final Thoughts

The non-profit organizations including make-a-wish foundation work in this regard to make the little souls happy. They bring hope to the lives of the kids. Without any personal benefits, these organizations work to promote goodness in society.