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This Tamil film is based on the true story of a pregnant woman who searches for her missing husband. He has been missing from the custody of the police since the night he was abducted. A High Court advocate, who represents the woman, takes her case and seeks justice for both of them. The story is one of the most touching stories ever told in the Tamil language. You’ll find yourself crying out loud with every single word.

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Set in the Irular society, Jai Bhim tells the story of a tribe of tribals who meet a police officer who is investigating a theft case. The three missing tribes were being interrogated when the police arrested them. The first man who greets the police is arrested, while another tries to slink away, afraid of the cops. While this movie deals with a controversial subject, it is also a worthy watch.


The film focuses on the friendship between Rajakannu and Sengani, who were robbed in a politician’s home. The police arrest him after he greets the cops, while the other attempts to hide. As a result, he is sentenced to prison. The movie shows the repercussions of this punishment on the two men and the community. In fact, the film is a strong example of social change through cinema.


A group of tribals meets with a police officer who is headed an inquiry commission. The police are investigating a theft case involving three tribes. The three disappeared tribals had been interrogated by police for a theft case. The police had arrested a tribal man for greeting the cops, and another tried to run away from them fearing the police. The incident is one of the most poignant in the film and deserves your attention.

Though Jai Bhim was intended to be released theatrically, the movie was first screened on Amazon Prime Video. Its original release date was unsure, so the movie is available all over the world. Its premise is simple, but the film has some great messages about human rights. Despite being a Tamil movie, it is still an excellent example of a social movement that will make you feel good about yourself.

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As a social justice film, Jai Bhim is a powerful film to watch. It portrays the struggles of an Irular tribal couple. It highlights the lack of ration cards, voter cards, and land, and the stigmas associated with the caste system. The movie is also one of the most well-reviewed Tamil movies of all time. If you’re an avid viewer of tamil songs download, you’ll be more than pleased.

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