Here Are Some Tips To Excel Escape Room Games Online

An escape room game is a real-life adventure game where you are locked in a room for 60 minutes and you have to solve various puzzles to come out of the room. Pandemic has made everything online and now we have online escape rooms as well. Escape room games online are a little different but they are just as fun. There are various themes available that you can choose from: zombies, wildlife, prison breaks, bank heist, snow, and many more. 

The most fun part about escape rooms are the given time limit, it creates an adrenaline rush and the satisfaction to complete a mission in a given time. It’s completely okay if you are not able to complete it on time,  there are always second chances. You are never physically locked in the room; you can come out at any time you feel like it. Playing escape room games also increases analytical thinking skills as it requires solving challenging puzzles and tough puzzles for a successful escape. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind while playing escape room games online:

  • Stay calm and organized

A perfectionist already knows the pros of being organized, if you want to successfully escape the room in a given period being organized is your key. One lock can only be opened sometimes when you have opened the previous locks so be sure to maintain a proper game dashboard to help you. The game dashboard will also help you figure out the clues if arranged properly.

  • Communication at its best

In a virtual escape room, this is all you have. Your communication will determine how soon you are going to figure out the clues. Speak up and put forward all your ideas as you never know which may come in handy. Virtual escape rooms also are a great team-building activity as it polishes clear communication skills. You and your team members can build a foundation of trust with proper communication.

  • Don’t be egoistic

Most people become overly self-dependent and don’t ask for a clue when in doubt. The end mission is what matters, when you are allowed to avail yourself of clues and take advantage of it. Being stuck in one problem for too long can cause frustration and shake the confidence of your team members.

  • 360 degrees scan

For escape room games online, this is a very essential feature that is required. Scanning the entire room at 360 degrees will give you a room layout and doing that before starting the game can refresh your memory and you can figure out clues easily.

  • Clear instruction to your game guide

Escape rooms are a team effort, only clear instructions in the game guide can help you achieve success. Since this is a virtual room set up it will be comparatively easy to give instructions.


There are various virtual escape room games such as Hogwarts digital escape room, Escape the Office, The Doors, Escaping the prison, and many more. The above tips will help you solve escape rooms with great ease.