Have a comfortable sleepwear for night

These days’ pajamas are not just for sleeping. There are many people who throw on pajamas as soon as they get home and stay in them during weekends. Pajamas have become the most common casual wear at home. As a result, with time more and more options and materials are arriving when it comes to pajamas.

Also, pajamas are a most comfortable option when it comes to sleeping. As per many researches, most women prefer wearing them at night. When it comes to Pajama for Girls there are many varieties that one can wear. Apart from pyjamas, one can also wear other things when they are going to sleep. There are quite a few people who sleep in their regular clothing as well.

Variations of Sleep Wears

Here are some sorts of night attires that one can wear before going to sleep. They can make the sleep period quite comfortable.

Sleep Shirts

They are designed to be oversized and big. They remain lose around the body. Hence, it creates an airy and comfortable fit and feel for the person who is wearing it. They can be made in a button up style or a typical T shirt style. These are mostly made from soft fabric which is light on the skin. As they are shirts, they are short in length with hemlines above the knees.


This is a bedtime classic for ages. They can be made in a variety of styles but cap sleeves and straps are mostly common here. Nightgowns are mostly made from variety of materials from plain cotton to silk. They are designed to be somewhat loose and lightweight to keep one cool while one is sleeping. They can be shorter in length or can be ankle length. It is a traditional night dress for women since ages. They are comfortable and keep one light. Another great thing about this is, they come in every material and length. One can get short lengths, midi gowns and even long ones which one can wear at daytime as well.


This is also a popular choice when it comes to regular clothing and gradually made a leap to sleepwear. They have a short style with spaghetti straps and quite lightweight – which a nightwear should be. They are typically made without a lot of fabric and somewhat minimal coverage. They are made with clinched waist designs and have firm fitting styles which do not need a lot of fabric.


Nighties are similar to nightgowns made with less fabric and they have a low cut style. Nighties are mostly made of lightweight materials like chiffon and silk. In many cases nighties come in a set with a pair of bra and underwear. They can be adorned with lace and are often made in see through styles.


Sweats are perfect for colder nights. One can wear sweat shirts and sweat pants which are warm and fluffy. Mostly designed with something which is thicker than the other sorts of sleepwear so that one can feel comfortable on winter nights.

One can choose any of them to wear at night.