Guide To Gifs For Marketers: Everything You Need To Know

While the video content domination trend is still at its peak, there comes another trend that is creating a storm in the industry. The trend is none other than the popularity of GIFs. These animated images have attracted much attention, especially across social media platforms. Most people believe that GIFs make expressing emotions and getting the message across easier. Surprisingly, Dell integrated this type of content into their email campaign and made a 109% revenue boost.

Undoubtedly, the popularity of static media is fading with time and being replaced by dynamic media. Therefore, everyone must start learning how to make.GIF on Mac or Windows, convert videos into GIFs, use GIFs for marketing your brand, etc. Here’s everything you need to know.

Top Websites To Get Pre-Made Gifs

If you’re just entering the world of GIFs, you can take advantage of the various websites that offer pre-made GIFs. You need to search through the category and find the relevant ones for your marketing campaign. Some of those websites worth checking out are:

  • Tenor: The site contains new trends and emotion-based media. You can use it for entertaining content or internal company communication. The website even allows you to keep track of trending topics.
  • Giphy: Find animations of any taste and kind at Giphy. The site provides a comprehensive library, and you can find something that resonates with your audience. Whether it is a product launch, gaming or other events, you will find it here.

However, if you want to create bespoke GIFs that capture the essence of your brand, you need to learn about the tools mentioned below.

Simple Yet Powerful Tools To Create Gifs In A Few Minutes

  • Giphy: It is the most popular free creator to make GIFs instantly. The site has a huge library to inspire you, and users can even convert media to GIFs by uploading files, YouTube links or videos. Once the file is uploaded, you need to select the start and duration. Captions and funny stickers with several fonts are also available.
  • video: It is a user-friendly GIF maker that can turn any video into an animated GIF. The GIFs can be shared across social media sites and even through messengers and in your emails.
  • GIFPAL: The tool is your online friend to create attention-grabbing GIFs. The preview functionality of the software enables you to keep track of your GIFs as you make edits. You can even personalize the quality of the image and the speed.

Besides these, you can use CloudApp to create a screencast GIF or Giphy Slideshow to stitch photos into GIFs.

When Do Most Marketers Use Gifs?

  • Use it to showcase the personality of your brand

Achieving a dominant social media presence is easier said than done. The competition is strife, and everyone is eyeing the same slice of social media real estate. Brands need to break out of their mold and give the audience a reason to follow them and not their competitors. That’s where GIFs come into the picture. Brands can use GIFs to establish and showcase their personality while being entertaining. GIFs help brands create a memorable impression that lives on in the target audience’s minds.

  • Use it to explain a product or create an entertaining how-to guide

There’s no need to make your audience scroll for pictures when GIFs can make the process easy and hassle-free. Brands can create short and slow how-to or step-by-step guides to explain products and give potential customers complete clarity so they can make informed buying decisions. GIFs help turn long texts into short animated videos that are easier to consume.

  • Use it to tell your brand story

Want to tell your brand story? You can stitch pictures together and animate them to entertain your audience while telling the story of your brand’s journey and success. For instance, the New York Times had recently published a GIF explaining how their website design has changed with time, and the story became a hot topic of discussion for a long time.


It is 2022, and you are already running behind! More and more businesses are picking up on the GIF trend to grow their social media presence and drive traffic. So, don’t waste any more time and get your marketing team together to find out the best ways to implement GIFs in your marketing campaigns. Also, ensure to study the style of communication that your audience prefers so you can augment the engagement rate.