Getting Back Into The Workout Routine After Time Off

Getting back into the swing of things after a prolonged absence is a problem that most active adults face at some point.

With gyms shut down around the country and people’s stress levels at an all-time high, it’s natural to slip off your usual training routine. We’re all in the same boat, fearful of the future and unsure of how to resume exercise following lockdown.

Here are some straightforward ideas and workout regimens to help you regain your fitness and safely rejoin the workout zone.

How to Ease into Exercise After a Long Time Off?

When you initially resume regular exercise after a break, you should utilize 60-70 percent of your previous weight. It is recommended that you maintain 3-4 repetitions in the tank for the first few weeks rather than pushing yourself to failure.

Maintain your aerobic exercises. Begin with a 60–70% period of usually performing over long distances. Additionally, the first two to three weeks should be relatively light. You should leave your workout feeling reenergized and motivated, not exhausted and worn out.

Additionally, abstain from any high-intensity interval training for at least two weeks to allow your body to re-acclimate to the thought of exercising. While HIIT is an excellent way to lose weight quickly, it can put a lot of strain on your muscles, resulting in injury if you are not prepared. To make your workout space more comfortable and safe you can purchase a weight rack for home gym.

Set Good Goals

Before you begin exercising, pause to consider why you are doing it. How did you reintroduce physical activity into your life and your goals?

It makes no difference if you want to run a marathon, accomplish ten full pull-ups, or go on a long hike – as long as the activity is necessary for you, don’t sweat the minutiae.

Now is a perfect moment to reconsider the importance you place on fitness in your life with that in mind.

Develop New Healthy Habits

It’s more critical than ever to prioritize rest and healing while determining how to resume exercising following the confinement. Keep the following points in mind as you prepare to return to the gym:


Your body can absorb the effects of your workouts while you sleep. Due to the increased exercise frequency, you should strive for 8 to 9 hours of restful sleep each night.


For everyone, this is a trying moment. Along with returning to the gym, peaceful practices such as meditation or breathing exercises may benefit. Download the breathwrk breathing exercise app to alleviate stress in a simple yet powerful way.


Regaining fitness begins with a healthy diet, which is just as critical as regular exercise when considering regaining fitness. Even if you’re currently following a particular diet, it’s a good idea to prioritize eating whole foods, drinking enough water, and having enough protein in your diet.

Returning to the gym is an excellent time to reintroduce yourself to food preparation. In a couple of hours, you can prepare a week’s worth of nutritious, ready-to-eat meals, allowing you to avoid the temptation to order takeout.

As a result, learn to appreciate how critical physical activity is to your mental and general well-being. If you’re finding it difficult to hold yourself accountable, perhaps hiring a personal trainer in Dallas would be an excellent decision to make.

 Make sure to hire a trainer who utilizes the best personal trainer software so you can make the most of your fitness journey.