Get to know…labia minora and labia majora

The happiness and confidence of women is not only caused by good appearance and good skin. But there is also the matter of the clitoris, or female genitalia, which is another important factor. Introversion here refers to the labia minora and labia majora, which in addition to their main function are the female external reproductive organs. It also influences the body and mind in various fields. especially in terms of sex If there is an abnormality in the area would become a disturbing problem deteriorate happiness confidence in life and can become a shaky problem in the family

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Get to know…labia minora and labia majora

How do we know that our genitals are abnormal? I believe that many women have this question in their minds. Because many people may not know their own hidden spots well enough. along with various beliefs transmitted Therefore, learning and understanding the nature of labia minora and labia majora is a way for us to spot and discern genital abnormalities. in order to be able to treat and solve problems on the spot

The labium is the female external organ. part of the Sangwas channel The structure of the lips is divided into labia minora and labia majora. Each woman has a different labium appearance. Both color and size Labium’s job is to protect the clitoris. urinary tract and vulva Prevents external infections from entering the vagina. Prevent danger from other injuries cushioning Including related to sex is part of the entrance to the genitals.

Labia Minora is the two skin lobes located inside the labia majora that surround the vulva. It is small and soft. There may be a faint reddish or dark black color. Labia Minora is similar to labia majora but does not have fat and hair grows in this area. Labia Minora is adjacent to the clitoris. Inside are numerous sensory and lubricating glands. It has a lot of nerves and blood. Make women happy and orgasm in sex.

Labia Minora usually has different characteristics for each woman. Or even in the same person there are differences. Both in terms of color and size, Labia Minora’s colors range from black, red, dark red and pink. Some people may be darker than the average person because Labia Minora has more pigment (melanin) than normal or more active pigment than normal. Which is not dangerous at all. For the size, some people may see only the spine. Some may be so small that they hide inside the labia majora, while others can be very large. It is seen as a fleshy lobe protruding from the labia majora, which is common and normal.

The cause may be genetics, pregnancy, or periods of heavy weight gain. This causes the accumulation of subcutaneous fat that can cause the labia minora to appear abnormally large., Childbirth. There may be a tear in the perineal area which causes changes in the labia minora, rapid weight loss. and older make labia tissue minora expanding and sagging due to the reduction of subcutaneous fat including frequent pulling around the labia minora causing the skin to stretch and shrink back The enlargement and sagging of the labia minora can cause polyps, creases, and bulges, which are a big concern for women. Because it makes it look unattractive when you have to wear underwear, swimwear, bikinis or tight pants. causing pain while wearing This increases the obstruction of sweating and vaginal odor. especially during the menstrual cycle cause inflammation easily And if it is pulled during sex, it can be painful.

Correction of labia disorders Minora is performed by labia minora resection, which involves removing partially protruding excess skin and tissue, or dressing a labia minora that is not the same size. to adjust the external structure to look as close to normal as possible Labia minora surgery is a minor surgery. done under anesthesia together with sleeping injections and sutured with dissolving silk The surgery takes about 45-60 minutes. After the surgery, the doctor will let the doctor rest in the hospital for about 2-3 hours to see the symptoms. If nothing is wrong, you can go home. The surgical incision will gradually improve within 1-2 weeks and heal within 4-6 weeks.

Labia Majora are two convex skin lobes located at the vulva. extending from the slender pubis hill to the bottom and converge at the perineal region which is at the bottom Consists of muscles, fat, oil glands, sweat glands, covered with hair on top. and has a large number of nerves and blood vessels Labia’s shape Majora are generally similar. But there will be differences in size. Some may be protruding or others may be flat. Labia Majora can be enlarged. may be from birth caused by childbirth increasing age and rapid weight loss, such as after weight loss surgery, etc., due to the loss of subcutaneous fatty tissue Expansion is the excess skin and tissue, causing the Labia Majora to become abnormally wrinkled, wrinkled, less convex, bulges and creases are visible when wearing underwear, swimwear, bikinis or tights. to embarrass Missed the opportunity to wear beautiful clothes. It also increases the obstruction of sweating and musty smell in the vulva. may cause irritation And cause pain when sarcastic as well.

Correction of abnormalities in labia majora can be done by

  1. Laser tense labia majora because there was no injury to the wound So there is no pain from the treatment. and without any harmful side effects It takes about 1 hour after the surgery to be able to go back to work.
  2. Labia majora reconstructive surgery involves removing part of the skin and tissue of the inner labia majora. to adjust the external structure of labia abnormally enlarged majora The incision is hidden in the crease between the labia minora and labia majora. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The surgery takes about 1-2 hours. After the surgery, the swelling will decrease within 1-2 weeks. It takes about 5 days to recover after surgery.