Get Double Sided Graduation Announcements For Your Graduation Party

If you are throwing a graduation party for a graduate, get double-sided graduation announcements from Basic Invite. They come with photo cards and monograms to add a personal touch. They can also be transformed into a simple party invitation by using the wording from the graduation announcements. You will receive the cards in two weeks.

You can find a great selection of beautiful designs for your graduation invitations and announcements at Basic Invite. Choose from 5″ x 7″ classic cards for a traditional look, or foil-pressed cards in five metallic shades. You can also customize the vellum overlay to match your school’s colors.

Creative Graduation Announcements 

If you want to make your graduation announcements stand out, try unique die-cut shapes. Choose from fun wavy edges to elegantly rounded corners. Minted also offers creative ways to highlight the senior year. You can add a timeline or a map of your studies to each card.

Graduates who are planning double sided graduation announcements party should consider the invitations they’ll be sending out to guests. They should consider how the announcement will be used. The second half of the card should feature information about the school. For a personalized invitation, you can select fonts and colors from your favorite designer. You can even select a personalized message for each guest.

You can also opt for a classic graduation announcement. 5″ x 7″ announcements look stylish and are inexpensive, starting at $1.75 per card for 65 cards. You can also choose to get a foil-pressed card in five metallic colors. This type of card is more expensive, but it’s worth the extra money, as it will be more personal.

Whether you’re looking for double-sided graduation announcements to send to family and friends, it’s important to make sure everyone has the same invitation. By using this service, you can customize the wording and photos on the graduation announcements, so that it matches your personality. If you’re a nurse, you can even customize your announcement for the nurses.

Get Double Sided Graduation Invitation

Getting a graduation announcement is easy. Start by entering your details. You can add photos to the cards and personalize them later. It’s best to order your card at least a few weeks in advance so that your guests have time to see it. If you need to send them quickly, you can also order double-sided graduation announcements from Basic Invite. You can find personalized invitations for nursing graduation at this site, too.

You can also use Basic Invite’s graduation party announcements to celebrate your graduation. With its customizable design tools, you can add photos and images, as well as borders, colors, and more to your announcement. Aside from having a personal touch, you can also use it to celebrate the occasion with friends and family. There are many other uses for double-sided graduation announcements, including for nurses.

A graduation announcement is an important part of a graduate’s life. It is a way for friends and family to celebrate the accomplishment. It shows that the graduate graduated with class and grace. With such a graduation announcement, you can be proud of your graduate. Then, you can send out more invitations to your friends. Then, you can share the exciting news with your classmates and family.

Graduation commencements are an important milestone in a graduate’s life, and you should make sure you celebrate it. Whether you’re graduating from elementary school or graduate school, your graduation is a big achievement, and you’ll want your friends and family to share in your excitement. Fortunately, Basic Invite’s double-sided graduation announcements will help you do just that. Personalized invitations are an easy way to reveal the graduates’ accomplishments to their family and friends.

They offer customizable templates and free custom samples to make sure you get exactly what you want. You can even choose from 40 different envelope colors, and you can even choose the style and color that’s right for your event. And don’t forget to take advantage of Basic Invite’s address capture service. You’ll have no problem capturing the address of your family members and friends, and they’ll love getting the invitations as well.

Bottom Lines

Graduation commencements are a huge milestone in a graduate’s life, and you want to make sure your friends and family are there to celebrate. You can easily get double-sided graduation announcements from Basic Invite for your upcoming graduation. The graduation invitations are double-sided so you can include the recipient’s name, the date, and other information. They also come with a complimentary stamp!