Fresh Ideas For Upgrading Your Home With Little Time

How can one design an aesthetically refreshing home with little time? Home remodeling always required me a substantial amount of time and money. A whole house remodeling or renovation means uprooting and disrupting our lives for a while. When remodeling or renovating my home, I often feel tempted to look for temporary housing options. I ask myself, does it mean that a house upgrade cannot happen without uprooting or disrupting lives? Can one upgrade within a day or two? Can you change the outward look of your home without a major remodeling session? I believe we can!

Manage your time

Upgrading your home within a short time begins with proper time management. I usually start with a detailed timeline, I plan and make the budget for a home upgrading project that will help me stay on track as I upgrade your home. Get a home renovation timeline template online to make the process easier. Fill out every detail on the template. Determine the cost of every upgrading project listed and set a budget for upgrading your home. With your timeline, budget, and plan at hand, you can refresh your home’s appearance with the following ideas that I believe will turn out to work perfectly.

Let a deck brighten your outdoor space

A deck adds great aesthetic appeal to a home. It also increases the value of your home. From creating conversation spaces, dining areas to relaxation spaces, there is much more you can do with your deck. I like especially the idea of spending summer nights talking with my family members there. As you design it, think of adding statement light fixtures, adding partial shades, adding a canopy, or extending it to the pool area. I like putting different plants there based on the season. What I like about decks the most it’s that it takes a short time to build. A deck can take less than a week to build with the right planning. 

Remember you may need to review your local zoning laws and get a permit before building a deck. To make the process less overwhelming, consider working with a professional deck builder, particularly if you are planning to build a multi-level deck. Such decks require precise installation. A slight mistake during installation can pose a risk to you and your loved ones. Moreover, deck builders have the experience and expertise needed to build a stable and quality deck within a short time. In addition to this, a qualified deck builder may make the approval process less daunting. They are familiar with local building codes and how to maneuver the approval process.

Show some TLC to your lawn and yard

A manicured lawn and good landscaping give your home an impression of a properly maintained home. Like decks, manicured lawns and eye-striking landscaping give your home an exquisite look. Upgrade your home by removing any visual chaos on your lawn or outdoor spaces. If your plants are crowded in one place, consider spacing them or investing in artistic planters and pots to give your yard a curb appeal. My favorite thing to do is add subtle curved edges and lines to your yard. Who needs engineered impressions in their yards? Embrace nature by using subtle curves and lines in your yard. Don’t forget to give your lawn an ornamental aspect by framing it and keeping it magnificently groomed.

Add character to your home by buying a statement piece for each space in your house

Create a unique atmosphere in your home by investing in statement pieces around your home. Do not overdo it when choosing unique pieces for your home. In fact, you only need a piece per space. The pieces you go for should have a distinctive appeal and rhyme with the architectural design, color scheme, and other décor items in the house. Think of restyling or completely renovating your fireplace for a start. Make it the focal point by getting a unique framing or firebox. I usually go for artistic framing, marble framing, rustic, or a mix of old and modern styles. You can also add a hexagonal bookcase or shelves above or beside the fireplace. Alternatively, create an accent wall in your living room. Add molding or make it an art gallery. If you are a fitness fanatic, then you can also buy gym equipment that show your personality. You can go for smaller pieces like dumbbells or larger ones like spinning bikes. 

Your bathroom and kitchen deserve a tasteful charm

Turn your bathroom into a luxurious bathroom by installing a freestanding bathtub. A freestanding bathtub gives a timeless and sophisticated appeal to the bathroom. Ensure the style you go with complements the architectural design and other décor items in the bathroom. Don’t forget your kitchen. You can add a dramatic low-hanging light fixture over the kitchen island or revamp the cabinet hardware. You can also change your kitchen cabinets. I love buying unassembled kitchen cabinets because they’re really easy to unassemble and arrange. 


You can change the appearance of your home with little time, effort, and budget. Don’t let time hinder you from living in a cozy, refreshing, and aesthetically pleasing home.