Four fabulous outdoor lights to transform your garden

Garden lighting has gained immense popularity over the last couple of years as people want to make the best out of this outdoor setting as they can, And regardless of the space available, a garden can be a really good recreational spot post sunsets. You can not just use the garden space to relax, but also use the space to host your guests, or host an event for any occasion. But getting to that point requires thorough planning to lay a perfect lighting layout in this outdoor space.

You have to consider a lot of factors when planning the lighting layout, as it requires a thorough analysis of the landscape, you also should be thinking about getting the colours right, looking at all the solid beams you can use for permanent lighting fixtures and also enhance the safety of the entire spot.

We bring to you the four best lighting fixtures from the exhaustive collection of The White Teak Company that can completely change the face of your garden like you’d never expect.

Pendant light

There’s absolutely no reason to miss out on this beautiful lighting fixture if you can actually get it. Find any solid overhead structure over your garden or near your garden and you could very well boast an enchanting pendant light in the space. Our recommendation here is to go with one of the best outdoor pendant lights from The White Teak, Trade Winds. Trade Winds is absolutely stunning and can create a mesmerizing atmosphere in your outdoor space. This can very well be a worthy addition to your outdoor deck too.

Wall lights

While the rest of the lighting fixtures that we mention can be skipped, wall lights are an absolute necessity for the space. Outdoor LED wall lights are important for a lot of reasons. They can create the right atmosphere, add the right kind of ambience and also make pathways much safer for use late at night. Our recommendation here would be Come Alive. This beautiful wall light can light up any of your isolated corners in the garden and amp up the entire space as you’d never expect.

Table lamps

You might think that table lamps would be of zero use in a space like the garden area but that’s not entirely true. You need to add functionality to your seating areas in the garden and there can’t be another fixture than a table lamp that can serve your purpose better. Table lamps for gardens have also been a trend in the design space and you can very well use them to grace the space too. Our recommendation here would be Sugar Rush as this table lamp not only lends an opulent touch to your garden but also adds a rustic look to your garden.

Garden lights

Outdoor garden lights are instrumental to your outdoor space and can speak volumes with their slender appearances. They are naturally the most important lighting fixture to be included in your garden as they can enhance the safety quotient of your garden exponentially. Our recommendation in this category is Pulsar.