Feeling Unwell? Here are 5 Emojis to Help Express It

Face emojis have been the representation of our emotions in social media nowadays. Platforms Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter all have the popular emoji list. Thanks to the great Japanese artist, Shigetaka Kurita for creating the first-ever emoji way back in the late 1990s.

It is similar to the social cues when we communicate with others through spoken language. As a result, using emojis to improve your communication abilities is crucial. It is one of the most effective ways to express yourself when you do not know what to say. The yawning emoji is one of the many emojis you can use when you feel down.

Emojis to Use When Feeling Unwell

Nowadays, people can easily understand and interpret emotions with the help of these emojis. Feeling negative emotions have already been embraced and considered normal. In the emoji list, there is a spectrum of low emotions. Being unwell can be caused by different circumstances, like feeling tired or being uncomfortable in a situation. Whatever it is, this article will walk you through selecting the right emoji to show you feel. Choosing the right emojis for a conversation will help you become expressive and avoid misunderstanding. Being misinterpreted by your friends and family is the last thing you want, right? Continue to read, and you will know what emojis you can use if you are not feeling well.

1. Be Honest by Using the Sleepy Face Emoji

You stayed up all night watching your favorite series, or the neighbor’s dog went on a barking spree throughout the night. The lack of rest and sleep can be why you are feeling unwell the next day. Unfortunately, the day has to go on and you need to engage with your friends, family, co-workers, or classmates. The sleepy emoji is applicable to use in your conversation, especially if someone asks you, “How are you?” or “How was your sleep yesterday?”. Answer it and use this emoji to let them know that you haven’t gotten enough sleep.

The sleepy face emoji is the most honest and exact emoji to show that you are heavy-eyed or drowsy. The emoji shows the standard yellow face with teary-closed eyes and an open mouth, yawning.

2. Show That You Are Exhausted With The Tired Emoji

Your friends suddenly message you to hang out in the mall, but you are tired due to a productive day at work. Being exhausted means that you are feeling unwell. You can use the tired face emoji to simply tell your friend that you do not want to come along. Surely, your friend will understand. The tired face emoji shows off a crumpled face with X-shaped eyes, crinkled eyebrows, and a frowned open mouth. It has a frustrated or tired expression as if yawning or sighing in exaggeration.

Another helpful tip is to be straightforward about what you want to do. You can use the emoji with a starting message like, you don’t think you can come; you are so tired today that you need to nap.

3. Use The Grimacing Face Emoji When You Are Feeling Uncomfortable

Do you belong to a group chat that is full of useless rumors and you do not want to be involved in any of the gossiping? Then the grimacing face emoji is perfect for you to reply, especially when they want to hear your thoughts. You can use this emoji to express and let them know that you would rather be quiet and have no comment on the nonsense gossip. You want to enlighten them that you are feeling uncomfortable with the topics they are talking about. A creative way to use emoji is to reply without context. Since this emoji expresses a feeling of extreme discomfort, this will allow them to know that the topic does not interest you or may be leaving the group chat won’t hurt as well.

4. Use The Face with Medical Mask Emoji When You’re Feeling Sick

The changes in the weather and in the environment can affect our body’s reaction to it. It will usually make us feel sick and unwell. When the COVID-19 health crisis emerged, people started to wear masks to protect themselves and other people. Since then, the face mask somehow represents a person who is sick. It is a brilliant way to tell your friends virtually that you are not feeling well by using the face with a medical mask emoji. A yellow face with drooping, closed eyes is visible in this emoji. A white surgical mask covers half of the face, a type of personal protection equipment widely worn by health care personnel in hospitals and the general public during the pandemic. This emoji is very timely nowadays since we’re all used to wearing filter face masks because of Covid.

5. Say “No” Using the Pensive Face Emoji

There is one of those days where you don’t feel like doing anything, but your friends suddenly invite you to play your favorite online game with them. One of the effects of feeling unwell is being unable to entertain chat messages, but of course you don’t want them to feel bad about you ignoring their request. So you can just use the pensive face emoji to tell them “no” for the meantime. Using this emoji will work if you don’t feel like doing anything, and you feel like you need to sleep all day. Your real friends will surely understand, and will give you the time off to rest or do something else.


The emojis nowadays have value and meaning that words cannot simply describe, especially through online messaging. Society has finally normalized feeling unwell without having to explain the deep and real reason. Sometimes things are too personal to talk about, so the emoji are there to help express low emotions. If you have the time and energy, you can browse through the emoji collections for future references, especially during low days. Your real friends and family are the only people you need to understand you. If you want to know more information about emojis, you can visit EmojiGuide.com now.