Expert Pool Cleaners Advice on Pool Maintenance

Many of us wanted to maintain our pools in a good condition, but how many of us are taking the necessary steps for it? Everybody loves their swimming pool, and maintaining it clean will ensure that they enjoy their pool for many years. It is very important to know how to properly manage your pool, as a poorly maintained pool can become a breeding ground for algae, mosquitoes, and bacteria. Is it the kind of water that you want to swim in?

Nobody wants to swim in such water, as it can cause several health problems. If you are unsure about how to clean your pool then choose a company like Compass Pools. Their inbuilt self-cleaning system helps you maintain your pool water clean always. This means, you don’t have to put in any effort from your side to maintain your pool water clean. Their experts will also provide you suggestions on several other things, which help you maintain your pool well.

Advice from expert cleaners on how to maintain your pool!

Filtration System

Invest your money in a very effective filtration system. When it comes to the filtration system, it keeps your pool water circulating properly. Besides, this system is usually made up of several components like a skimmer, pool pump, and filter. All these components run on electricity to keep the water in the pool moving and to filter the water. This filtration system makes the water in the pool safe for swimming. Make sure that you run your pool filters for at least 7 to 8hrs in a day. Otherwise, they may not work properly. Clean the cartridge filters at least twice a year to maintain them in good condition.

Pool Skimmers

Pick some good long-handled pool skimmer for removing the debris from the surface of the pool water like leaves and insects. Even though we have some automatic pool systems these days to make the water clear, it is always better to remove larger debris whenever you see using a long-handled pool skimmer.


People who use solar-powered energy could run their pool heating system mostly between 9 am to 4 pm for making the most out of the sunlight. Use solar power during night-time to cool your pool.

Water Level

You must observe the water level in your pool daily during summer. The reason for this is, your pool water may go down by half an inch daily during summer. Hence, make sure that you turn on the water daily to ensure that water levels don’t go below the mid-tile line.

Pool Covers

Choose a good pool cover for maintaining your pool clean. Pool covers can also lower your heating bills too. However, one important thing that you have to take care of here is you must avoid leaving the pool cover throughout the summer on top of your pool. As the hot weather can make the water warm, your cover traps and feeds algae in the pool. All this can spoil the water in your pool. Let your pool water breathe by removing the cover at least once every week.