Surrogacy is a process where a woman keeps a child of other parents for the sale of money. Sometimes to help the couple. Also, protecting surrogate ladies in every way is the clinic’s responsibility. From where do you get a surrogate mother or a couple’s commitment .Who’s a child a leihmutter doing to keep for nine months.

Additionally, before the pregnancy, all the dealing happens via proper legal papers, so later. Also no party can go against the deal.

About surrogate mother:

In so many countries, you can go to the clinic when you want a child via surrogacy. Where the parents have to pay a handsome amount for this process. Meanwhile, some other countries where paying for surrogacy isn’t legal.

It just happens in one case if a surrogate lady wants to help an infertile couple for the sake of humanity. In that case, the couple won’t have to pay a surrogate mother for her service. But other expenses such as IVF, medical tests or checkups, or pregnancy expenses.

Surrogacy in Germany:

In Germany, surrogacy is not legal till now in average cost. It has been prohibited in Germany since 1991. Women in Germany are not allowed to go for any procedure like surrogacy. Also, according to them, it’s the most illegal action that could be done through another human.

Also, only a mother’s child is allowed to do so. Give birth to her child. Additionally, a leihmutterschaft in deutschland is only allows this procedure via your egg and is not a surrogacy procedure. Even 30% of women in Germany get pregnant via the IVF process.

Most of the German’s travel to Ukraine to get the services of surrogacy. Also, the prices of surrogacy in Ukraine are lower than your imagination. So if you’re in Germany and want to be a parent with a surrogacy process you can go to any other nearby country.

Otherwise, you are only doing surrogacy in Germany using your egg. Also, the cost of doing this procedure in Germany by using your egg is quite affordable. Also easily anyone can avail of this. It’s the reason that 30% of women get pregnant by IVF.

The success of surrogacy in Germany via using customer’s egg:

Let’s have successful cases have get done in Germany. Additionally, it has caught the attention of those who want to be parents by using their eggs. Also, the success rate of this procedure in Germany is high. Moreover many people prefer to go for this service to be a parent.


Being a surrogate mother isn’t an easy job as she has to go through all the medical tests. Also, she has to prove herself fit and healthy through all the tests. However, if she fails in any medical tests, clinics won’t allow her to be a surrogate lady. Also, in Germany, surrogacy is not allowed for some reason as they consider it the most illegal action. So, In Germany, it is only permitted by using the client’s egg.

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