Environmental Reasons for Eating MVP

Avoiding chemicals is another important factor in protecting your health, and the health of our precious life-giving and food-providing dear Mother Earth. Can you tell Patty and Elson are friends of the environment? What each of us does to Earth, we do to our own bodies, as we eventually are exposed to the same substances, such as the mercury in the ocean and the chemicals in our food and water sources.

Ideally, local produce and organically grown foods are your best choices for avoiding introduced chemicals, yet there is some current thinking that locally grown food is even more important than organic food grown elsewhere. We think that whenever you can purchase either (or both!) you will be allowing yourself the freshest, healthiest option possible. We are fans of living healthfully with the seasons and supporting the local environment.

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The cost of shipping foods around the world is great both in adding cost to our foods and pollution to the air, since many growers choose to chemically treat the foods even more when they are shipped long distances. For these reasons, you might consider growing some (or all!) vegetables in your own garden. Also, poor soil quality may not provide the best nutrients to our foods; thus, a carrot from one place may not provide the same nutrition as a carrot from another. So make sure your organic farm is using quality products.

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The Soil Conservation Service estimates more than three billion tons of topsoil is eroded from U.S. croplands each year. That means soil erodes seven times faster than it’s built up naturally. Soil is the foundation of the food chain in organic farming. However, in conventional farming, the soil is used more as a medium for holding plants in a vertical position so that they can be chemically fertilized. As a result, American farms are suffering from the worst soil erosion in history.

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