Do YIFY Have the Shut Down?

If YIFY has been around for as long as it has, you should be wondering, “Do YIFY have the shut down?” YIFY has been the go-to source for pirated videos and movies and the shutdown is certainly a blow to piracy. Not only will the shutdown hurt YIFY itself, but it will also hurt other streaming services. Until another group steps in to fill that gap, it will continue to be a problem.


YTS, the site that hosts the popular torrent sharing site, has decided to shut down its operations, citing internal sources. netlogs is unable to publicly say why it decided to shut down, but it was suspected that the shutdown was related to the RIAA and MPAA putting pressure on the site to shut down its BrowserPopcorn application – a browser version of Popcorn Time. Piracy is definitely experiencing a rough phase and copyright protection groups have gotten a new approach.

The unnamed owner of yify was served with a multi-million dollar lawsuit on October 12, but it was settled outside of court. The labatidora claimed that YTS had 3.4 million daily unique visitors and more than 6,000 releases as of August. The shutdown marks the largest piracy crackdown in New Zealand history, but sources believe that the accused is trying to reach an agreement to limit the damage to the BitTorrent community.

Although the shutdown of panoramio has been a long and tumultuous path, its community has shown its resilience in the face of adversity. When the original site was shut down by the Motion Picture Association of America in 2015, the community had already grown and spawned numerous clone sites. This has only strengthened the tinypic brand and its community. Despite the setback, the fullmaza community has remained strong and will likely re-emerge as a strong brand.


While YIFY has a checkered history, the community that has sprung up around it has proven resilient. After the Motion Picture Association of America shut down the original website, many mirror sites and clones sprung up to keep the service alive. However, the popularity of YIFY and the community that formed around it grew rapidly, making the shut down of the original site all the more unfortunate.

The owner of YIFY and YTS, which streamed illegal rips of movies through browsers, were served with multi-million dollar lawsuits last month. They settled out of court, but it seems that their actions have sparked a massive legal battle. As a result, YTS is now the biggest piracy bust in the history of New Zealand. It is thought that the site’s owners are working to minimize their damage by settling out-of-court.

While YIFY has been a popular torrent group in recent years, the recent shutdown means that it has become a more difficult place for users to find new releases. The group’s plight is one of the most difficult to predict, but it’s possible that a new group will step in to take their place and surpass the group that has been in business for so long. If you’re a film fan, YIFY might be your next best bet.


If you’re a BitTorrent user, you’ve probably heard about YTS VPN’s shut down. The website was one of the most popular torrent sites, and the sudden disappearance of the site may come as no surprise to you. While YTS is no longer active, the site’s content has been removed. The company’s owners and administration team are now scrambling to restore the website. Thankfully, they have a number of backup plans for their users to use.

YTS is a notorious torrenting service that has been shut down, but it is far from the first one to go offline. A number of major torrent sites have closed down in the last couple of years. Many of these services use rogue advertising networks, which use deceptive social engineering tactics to trick users into downloading malware or freeware. Other websites peddle fake software updates containing malware threats. In both cases, the VPN providers are making it easy for users to be hacked and end up with unwanted software in their system.


YTS has become famous in the torrenting community, but it also drew unwanted attention from the MPAA. In fact, the MPAA sued YTS on the same day as another torrent site. Both sites were eventually shut down, and the MPAA has now made YTS unavailable for torrenting. If you’ve been looking for a VPN service that offers a variety of features, this may be the right choice for you.