DIY Acrylic Keychain in Layers

If you’ve got a Cricut, you can make an acrylic keychain in layers! This tutorial, courtesy of The Happy Housie, will show you how to create a keychain using your Cricut machine. To get started, download the free Cricut design software. After you have set up the software, cut a circle of polymer clay into the shape of the keychain. Use a small, pointed tool to cut the circle.

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Polymer clay

Polymer clay keychains can be made in many different designs, colors, and shapes. These versatile pieces are ideal for gifts, acrylic keychain, and more. You can even add engraving to your keychain! There are many different ways to customize your keychain, so you’re sure to find one that suits your personality. And because they can be made by just about anyone, it doesn’t matter what age you are!

Traditionally, embossing powder is a wax-like powder that is applied to paper designs. It is then melted using a heat gun. Polymer clay projects can also be coated with this material. However, be aware that it is not very durable and can eventually flake off or become cloudy. Make sure you choose a non-stick finish before using the varnish. Unless the polymer clay is made from a special type of acrylic, it may crack.


To make your own acrylic keychain, you must first load the blank into the Cricut design space and choose the vinyl design you want to cut. Normally, acrylic blanks have a clear protective coating on both surfaces. Using a Cricut tool, align the design and press the cut button to start engraving. Then, carefully pull the transfer tape back, leaving a thin layer of vinyl over the acrylic blank. If you want extra protection, you can also add a resin layer to the keychain.


Make an acrylic keychain by using your Cricut. To create a custom-designed acrylic keychain, use the Cricut cutting machine. The blank comes with a protective layer on both sides. Remove the sticker and place the blank right on the 3×3 intersection. Place the blank on a work surface and tape down the excess pieces. Slide the engraving tool into slot B and press the Cricut Go button to activate the tool. This will enable the engraving tool to cut the design. Then, slide the star guides to the sides. Finally, place the finished keychain onto a stand or other flat surface.

Any Cricut smart cutting machine will work for this project. The Happiness is an example of this type of machine. In addition to the permanent vinyl, you can also use clear vinyl to create an acrylic keychain. If you want to add tassels, you can also use permanent vinyl to create a customized acrylic keychain. Make sure to clean the acrylic piece well to avoid it from cracking or discoloring. Then, connect it to the keychain display screen card.

Once the blank is cut, you can then apply the transfer tape. You can also design the keychain yourself using Cricut Design Space or Silhouette Studio. If you’re not comfortable with making a custom acrylic keychain, you can purchase inexpensive blanks or bulk materials and use your imagination to create your own design. Just make sure to choose a high-quality vinyl. You can then add a personal touch with your design.

Transfer tape

To create your DIY acrylic keychain, first make sure you have a blank piece of acrylic. You’ll need to remove the film on the acrylic blank. Then, select your vinyl design and cut it out with your Cricut. Apply the vinyl on top of the blank acrylic keychain and follow the instructions to apply the vinyl to the blank. Remove the film and cut the design onto the acrylic blank. Next, apply the transfer tape.

To start, you’ll need some Cricut transfer tape. You’ll need it if you want to transfer premium vinyl shimmer or adhesive foil to your DIY acrylic keychain. Select the StrongGrip brand of transfer tape and make sure the paper is colored purple. Then, prepare your DIY acrylic keychain by removing the plastic protective layer and cleaning it with isopropyl alcohol. Once the acrylic keychain is clean and dry, place your vinyl design on it. Be sure to align the design so it will not block the hole. Rotate the keychain while you’re transferring the vinyl to ensure that the vinyl doesn’t obstruct the hole. Once the vinyl is in position, you’ll simply need to peel it back and press it on the blank.

Once you have finished the design, place your acrylic keychain back together and add the jump rings. Then, use your jewelry tools to insert the jump rings through the hole in the keychain. If you’d like a longer battery life, you can use heat transfer vinyl to create a DIY acrylic keychain with transfer tape. You can also find heat transfer vinyl online. Simply purchase the vinyl and transfer tape online and have it shipped to your doorstep.

If you’re thinking of making an acrylic keychain, consider using any of the many options that Cricut machines offer. There are clear and permanent vinyl options, as well as templates and other designs that you can use to make the keychain. Once you’ve cut the vinyl, you’ll want to connect the acrylic keychain to the keychain display screen card, which is included with the machine. Once the keychain is connected to the display screen card, you’ll be able to attach the acrylic keychain to your keys.

Transfer tape

When using transfer tape for your DIY acrylic keychain, you have several choices. You can use an aldine font, a monogram font, or a blank acrylic plate. You can use your own design or choose a pre-designed one. In this project, you will use the Cricut to create the design. If you want to customize the design, you must prepare the blank acrylic keychain first. Then, apply the vinyl to the blank.

The acrylic blank comes with two pieces of paper. The paper should be removed from the back side, but leave the other side to protect the surface from the epoxy. Once you are done with the first step, you will need to prepare the acrylic blank for transfer. It will be hard to transfer your design if you do not use a transfer tape adhesive. Nevertheless, you must ensure the acrylic blank is completely dry before using transfer tape.

Resin flower

Make a Resin Flower Keychain to add a little bit of elegance to your keys. This DIY project does not require any complicated tools and materials. Just collect some flowers, resin, and silicone molds. You will need enough resin to fill the paw pads. Pour the resin into silicone molds. Alternatively, use a toothpick to insert solid materials into the resin. Once the resin has hardened, remove the silicone molds from the refrigerator and leave them to dry for a few hours.

Once the epoxy hardens, you can add glitter, vinyl decals, or pictures to your DIY Resin Keychain. Then, allow the resin to cure for 24 hours. When the resin hardens, you can decorate it further with acrylic paint and tassels. You can also add a charm or tassel to complete your resin flower DIY acrylic keychain. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, as there may be a few steps involved.

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