Crucial information on the types of safety boots

Safety boots are durable and long lasting shoes with a protective reinforcement at the toe. Safetyboots ensure safety of feet of people in workplace to avoid injuries during work. These boots also help to keep the feet warm in case of cold weather.This article will provide safety boots details and its types in Kenya.


Safety boots come in different designs and fittings depending on one’s requirements. Safety boots provide protection against any hazardous materials. Safety boots materials may include toe cap, upper part, lining, insoles and outsoles.One can wear safety boots in construction sites to avoid injuries, in the farm while doing some farm work to avoid hitting and hurting your feet andeven during trains and cold weather to protect your feet.

Types of safety Boots

Steel insole Boots

These boots are important for you if most of your work entail driving or pushing pedals. These boots are designed to decrease joint pain that can occur because of the job demands. They are designed to keep your feet stabilised when working. They also provide much comfort in order to prevent joint pain.

Metatarsal Boots

Metatarsal boots are ideal for you if you are working in a construction site and you lift heavy objects. These boots are made in such a way that they protect the upper part of the feet and bones as well as protecting the toes both internally and externally.These make you safe and comfortable while working there.

Metal Instep Boots

These boots are necessary if you work at a place where there are pointed objects like broken glass, broken mirrors, cut metals, pins etc. These pointed objects are mostly found on the surface and these metal instep boots help to prevent injuries when walking or even working in such areas.

Electric Hazard Boots

These boots are efficient if you work in a place where you are handling high voltage circuits and machines. They are made from non conductive electricity resistant materials to prevent you from electric shock. Electric shock occurs when one is in contact with live wires. These electric hazard boots help to prevent completion of circuit when working with electric device hence preventing shock.

Heat Resistant Safety Boots

These boots are efficient for workers who work in places with high temperatures.They have special features like breathable sandwich air mesh lining, washable shoes, anti slip shoes with strong grip and outsoles made from abrasion resistant rubber material. These safety boots price in Kenya is quite affordable.

Boots for the ladies

These boots are for women working in engineering or construction sites, hospitals and even laboratories. They are designed for comfort, safety and style. They helps to make ladies safe and comfortable while working.


Safety boots play a very crucial role in protecting our feet when at work. They make the work we do easy by protecting our feet and also keeping it warm during cold weather. It is advisable for one to take safety precautions to keep them well by wearing Safety boots in their various sites of work.