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Having a number of different yandere simulator characters in your game can be a huge advantage, but it can also make your game seem unbalanced. That is why it is important to understand what you can do to keep the game balanced and avoid losing too much of your players’ time. Here are some tips on how to achieve this.


Y/n Kokona Harukawa is a girl at Akademi High. She wears a light purple top with a white collar and plain white knee high socks. She wears a purple friendship bracelet.

Kokona is a social butterfly. She spends a lot of time talking with Saki. She admires Kizana, leader of the Drama Club. She is also a good friend to Saki. She tries to sell used underwear to boys from other schools.

Kokona has a large bust size. She has purple eyes and purple hair. Her real name is Kokona Harukawa, which means spring or heart.

Kokona wears a uniform. It is a tight uniform that can be altered with a free uniform from Hazu Kashibuchi.

Kokona leaves school at 1:00 PM. She will eat lunch outside the Drama Club. She will then attend evening classes. She will not participate in cleaning time at 3:30 PM.


Throughout the 202X version of Yandere Simulator, Saki Miyu is one of the only female students in the game. Saki is Kokona Haruka’s best friend and she also attends Akademi High.

In the early builds, Saki had light cyan eyes and curled locks framing her face. Her hair was tied into spirals. She also wore cyan thigh-high stockings and panties.

In the June 16th, 2021 build, Saki’s hair was recolored to a green tint. Her hair was also returned to a thinner spiral.

Saki’s hair has had the most hairstyle changes over the builds. She has had 8 hairstyle changes.

She has also had her eye texture changed. Her eye texture was changed from a different style to the one seen in Hatsune Miku. She also had her eye shade changed to a slight green tint.


Upon reading about Shin Higaku and his ilk in the oh so snooty snob dominated Occult Club, one would be forgiven for assuming that this sexiest of sexiest, the lion’s share of the Occult Club’s budget was a lock. But no one’s gonna tell you that the club has a whopping four members. After all, it’s only one of those aforementioned four, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless.

Aside from the club’s four members, you also have to contend with the plethora of students and teachers in the school. While you are at it, why not drop by the Occult Club to see if you can catch a glimpse of Shin Higaku’s knuckle or two? The aforementioned club aficionado is a hard nut to crack, but with the right adroit moves, he should be on his way to the Occult Club’s big leagues.

Raibaru Fumetsu

Despite being a support character in the game, Raibaru is a very powerful character. She was a former president of the Martial Arts Club, and taught many students self-defense. She has a strong sense of justice. She is also very protective of Osana Najimi.

Having been Osana’s best friend, Raibaru is also her bodyguard. When Osana is in trouble, Raibaru will offer to help. Raibaru will also chase Osana if she gets too far away. She is also a strong self-defense fighter.

Raibaru’s model was previously known as f05. She wears a pair of coletas with white lunar elastics on the side. She also wears loose, white legwarmers. She has a palid tez and orange-amber eyes. She also has orange-gold hair in two pigtails.

Joze Shiuba

Until the ill fated time traveler turned the tables, Joze Shiuba was the sexiest guy in town. Not only was he a dashing gentleman, he was also an avid reader and a whiz at math. Joze was also the Treasurer of the Student Council, which is an impressive feat considering he was only eight years old at the time.

Joze was also the first person to wear a “Red Armband of Leadership” (red armband, if you haven’t noticed) and was the most well-spoken member of the Student Council. The best part is that he is also the best at his job. The other members of the council aren’t as well-spoken, but that’s a topic for another day.

Joze wore a white blazer with red trim, and a white shirt. The name of his job was emblazoned on his chest. He also wore a white shirt and black pants with matching shoes.