Consequences of Criminal Conviction

Every crime you commit will have a consequence. There is a belief that once the court gives their judgment of penalty or imprisonment, the consequences are over for the criminal. But that’s not the case. Experts from Baton Rouge Attorneys | Messer & Associates say that a convict has to face other consequences. 

A series of misfortunate events keep happening to that person; he keeps getting bullied and harassed in prison by his cellmates and the warden as long as he is there. This is what he faces daily; there are other consequences. Keep reading this article to know more about the consequences of criminal consequences. 

Criminal Conviction Consequences

Having a criminal record will bring a lot of problems to criminals. This happens when an offender or a criminal tries to re-enter society and lead a productive life. Increased jail time and penalties are just not the ends of the consequences. Rather it is far from the end. Here are some of the few main consequences a convict will face: 

  • Employment: Having a criminal record or even criminal charges will stop a person from securing a good job and reduce earning possibilities. Employers will ask you during the interview if you have faced any convictions or criminal charges. Always tell them honestly about your criminal background, even if the crimes were a juvenile. If found anything suspicious, the employers have the legal right to investigate your criminal history, and if they find anything wrong, they have the full right to reject you. 
  • Adopting children/ child custody: You cannot have a child’s custody if you are a convict or if the criminal charges are against you, especially domestic abuse or other violent acts. Even minor crimes will make you lose your custodial rights. However, you may seek the help of Baton Rouge Attorneys | Messer & Associates if you want to have the child’s custody. A history of committing violent crimes or minor offenses involving a family will also make it impossible for you to adopt a child.
  • Driving privileges: A person with a criminal record will have his driving license restricted or canceled for a specific period, depending on the severity of the crime. He won’t be allowed to drive any vehicle during that time. This happens when the convicted has been accused of drinking alcohol and driving or if he had committed any road accident.
  • Migration: A convict or a person with criminal charges won’t be able to go abroad and settle. The legal system may not allow a criminal to move to another state, or he might face barriers to settling abroad. Criminal records will make a person a naturalized citizen of the particular state he committed a crime. 

Bottom Line

These consequences mentioned above are just a few problems a convict faces. There are a lot of consequences that will hamper your life to progress. The other consequences are social acceptance problems, college admissions, renting and leasing, etc. But don’t let your bad past stop you from progressing. Contact experts at Baton Rouge Attorneys | Messer & Associates if you need any help or fight against the injustice done to you.