Choosing a collection agency. What should I pay attention to?

You have done your job and sent an invoice to your customer. After all, that is what we have agreed in the Netherlands: You do your work and the customer pays for it. But unfortunately, in this case things turn out differently. The customer does not pay, not even after a few reminders or a phone call. You don’t know what to do anymore and consider calling a collection agency. But which one? What should you pay attention to when choosing a collection agency?

There are many collection agencies, and they are certainly not all “fresh”. More and more you hear about collection agencies that don’t play by the rules. And of course you don’t want to do business with them, because it doesn’t do your reputation any good. But how do you choose the right collection agency (Dutch: incassobureau)? In this article I will give you 10 simple but effective tips.

1. Don’t be tempted to become an online debt collection agency customer.

Of course you want to get paid as soon as possible, but not at any cost. So don’t be tempted on the Internet to make hasty biographycon decisions. Don’t become an online customer and enter your unpaid invoice please! Because you never know who is behind that website. Your client hasn’t paid (yet), but you’d like him to be treated decently, right? Really, it pays to have at least spoken to tylesrant someone from the collection agency by phone.

2. Ask around in your network about experiences with debt collection agencies

During a networking event you can ask about your experiences celebritylifecycle with debt collection agencies (Dutch: incassobureau). Ask especially about the contact with the agency. Is it personal? Do you get good advice? Do you have a regular contact person? But just as important is to ask about how the collection agency deals with their debtors (customers). So what do your clients say about the collection agency? Are they treated nicely?

3. Search the Internet for complaints about the collection agency.

Do you have a collection agency in mind? Then search the Internet for experiences and complaints. On you will get a nice impression. And remember that usually the client of the debt collection agency is also mentioned. So your company will be mentioned in the same breath as the collection agency in the event of a complaint. And you want to avoid that, right?

4. Ask if the collection agency has an online customer portal

Most collection agencies also allow you to go wikibirthdays online. Not only to enter new invoices, but also to be able to see in detail what actions the collection agency has performed and whether anything has perhaps already been paid. In addition, ask if management reports can be viewed.

5. Make clear agreements about rates and methods.

Many collection agencies work on a no-cure-no-pay basis, but is that what you want? Realize that the collection agency will go to extremes and will want to collect the last cent. After all, otherwise the collection agency will earn nothing? Not infrequently, one threat follows another and the debtor (your customer!) is frightened. When your customer finally pays, you know one thing for sure: the contact with your customer has not improved. Make clear agreements about that. If necessary, pay for the treatment, even if nothing is paid in the end. That is fair, right? After all, the collection agency has done some work and should be paid for it. If you don’t understand the rates, if you don’t understand how the collection agency is going to make money, or if there are too many ambiguities and vagueness, don’t hesitate. Thank the collection agency for the trouble and look for a collection agency with rates you do understand.

6. Make clear arrangements for remittances.

If the collection agency collects the invoice, the money is in the bank account of the collection agency. And therefore not (yet) with you. I think your money should stay in the collection agency’s bank account for a maximum of one month. So agree on a maximum term and have that stipulated in the contract. Make sure that the collection agency does not only pay out if the invoice is paid in full, but that each partial payment is also transferred to you. Otherwise you could be waiting a year for your money if the collection agency makes a payment tvboxbee arrangement with your customer.

7. Put everything in a contract

During the conversation with a salesperson, many things are discussed and promised. Take note of these things and ask to have them recorded in a contract. If this is a problem, or if the things you noted do not appear in the contract, then something is wrong. I would consider parting ways and looking fleepbleep again. If this is already not going well …..