Choose and Maintain Your Stone Earplugs Properly: Tips and Tricks

Stone earplugs are one of the most common forms of protection against noise. If you truly want to make the most of stone earplugs and ensure that they remain safe and durable, you will require some tips and tricks.

With the tips provided in this guide, you will learn how to find the best earplugs at an affordable price and how to maintain them properly to increase their lifespan.

But first things first, what is the purpose of wearing stone plugs?

Why Wear Stone Ear Plugs?

When you’re at a loud concert or are working in an environment with loud or ongoing noise, it can be hard to hear the people around you. That’s where earplugs come in. They’re available in a wide range of types and designs, but they all serve the same purpose: to keep out sounds that are too loud for healthy hearing.

The right pair of earplugs will block out enough sound so you can converse comfortably, with no strain on your ears.

Earplugs are also an ideal solution for sleeping through snoring or blocking out other unpleasant sounds.

Wearing stone ear plugs also elevates your look and brings out your unique, bold, and fearless side. Having a good impression of oneself is key, and stone earplugs work beautifully for this.

Tips for Choosing, Wearing, and Maintaining Stone Ear Plugs

  • The type of stone earplugs you choose should be based on your purpose for wearing them, whether you want to sleep or go shooting, etc. Traditionally, stone ear plugs were worn at night, but it is equally important to wear them while you work in a noisy environment such as a construction site.
  • Ensure that your earplugs match your everyday looks. Whether it is a staple, ceremonious or contemporary look, there are stone earplugs to suit every style.
  • Buy stone ear plugs of various sizes and shapes to show your style diversity.
  • Create alternative styles by combining natural stone and semi-precious stone earplugs.
  • For a strong fashion statement, choose earplugs with natural striations and a rich range of colours.
  • Choose shops offering fast and direct delivery to your area. Don’t hesitate to leverage free delivery whenever available.
  • Look for a shop offering discounts for first purchases and the latest deals. You’ll always wear fashionable earplugs well within your budget.
  • Wear safe stone ear plugs and only when your stretch or piercing has healed completely. This will keep irritation and infections on the healing tissue at bay.
  • Stone earplugs are not water-friendly so remove them when you shower or are in a wet environment.
  • Clean your stone earplugs regularly with a clean damp cloth.
  • Don’t forget to oil the earplugs to prevent cracking and prolong their useful life.


In this article, we’ve discussed the purpose of wearing stone ear plugs as well as some of the most important things you should keep in mind when shopping, wearing, and maintaining stone earplugs. Hopefully, this has helped you learn more about finding the right pair for you and maintaining it properly to prolong its useful life.