Can you Drink Alcohol After Lasik?

So can you drink alcohol after laser eye surgery? It is very much recommended that you have to leave it for one day and the day of your surgery and then after that, there’s no reason why you can’t drink alcohol? The only matter of concern is only the amount of alcohol you consume after your laser surgery. If it is very mild or negligible then it is totally fine but consumption in a large amount is strictly prohibited.

No more than a long glass of wine in the evening after laser eye surgery, you’ll be tired of a little bit of washed out adrenaline going around so you’ll need and you need to be well hydrated and we all know that many people consume more than a glass of wine starting a bit dehydrated. That applies for the first week after the surgery. It is said to be concentrating on looking after yourself, doing all things that we know to do all time anyway, which is needed to drink and moderate good hydration, eat well and resume gentle exercise. If people are talking around let’s say a Christmas work night out the level of drinking I think that’s okay two weeks after surgery Everything is really strong and secure in that kind of timeframe but one should be limited with the amount of alcohol consumption immediately after the surgery.

As per recommendations by doctors you don’t drink immediately after laser surgery. You will have had a sedative to take before the surgery and they can be an interaction between the sedative and alcohol. You’ll be very relaxed already and if you suspect you won’t need any alcohol you’ll be surprisingly relaxed. After that the very next day, however, the effects of that set it up will have one-off and it is absolutely fine to have the normal amount of alcohol following day if you’ve had Lasik surgery done If you’ve had surface layers that will PRK laser for the first two to three days after treatment your eyes will be uncomfortable in your vision will be affected by the laser treatment and it is recommended not drinking alcohol until your vision has recovered and that’s three to four days after the treatment.

You will find that even small amounts of alcohol will affect you quickly, even one standard bar drink. Maybe too much you will develop higher alcohol blood levels with smaller amounts of alcohol consumed and this alcohol is toxic to your liver If you drive or operate the equipment you must consider this. In addition, remember that alcohol calories are empty calories and they will not help you in your weight loss journey.

Eye surgeries that involve the cutting or changing the architecture of the conical tissue leads to dryness the severity can vary depending on the type of surgery that’s been performed in classic it is normally taken a flap of the corneal tissue by using a microsurgical blade by doing this putting cut across the north fibres of the cornea these now fibers are very important in secreting details it maintaining its volume also and when these no fibers are cut the stimulus to secrete the normality of volume reduces. Patients develop dryness but fortunately these nerve fibers region rate by six months eight months or a year maximum and when this happens the symptoms of dryness gradually reduce and patients are back to normal but of course, some individuals continue to have dryness even after one year.  Watching computer monitors for long hours continuous working and in an AC room, all these can induce trainers individuals who are in the menopause and stage women because of hormonal changes. They may have dryness in the eye of patients who do not have healthy food, adequate sleep and other factors like in summers these are the conditions that can persist with dryness. It is very important first of all to roll out if there’s any pre-existing dryness in individuals exerting surgery. If a patient has any preexisting condition which is very severe or which cannot be treated or is long-acting chronic then these are not candidates ideal for the Lasik surgery at all and treat the condition. Things which are very simple remedies like switching off the AC avoiding too much of strain to the eyes adequate the proper diet all these can help reduce the dryness also important is giving one compression to the eyes and then also substitutes are available plenty in the market those which do not have preservatives are you more useful sometimes long-acting gels.

As per the doctors, there are many ways in which you can keep your eyes healthy. One of them is to limit your intake of alcohol. You should drink no more than 14 units for about the whole week. Drinking alcohol in excess can damage the act and potentially damage your eyesight.

It is advised to limit your consumption nearly to two or three things to bring to the maximum as staying hydrated is equally important. One should avoid drinking alcohol on the same day of the surgery and it is also suggested to take at least a short break for 24 hours from alcohol after your surgery. Also, alcohol affects blood’s ability to cloth and can lead to problem-like controlling blood loss during the surgery and managing swelling after the procedure so that is also one of the reasons why alcohol is suggested to be not consumed in a large amount before or after the surgery.

One of the ultimate side effects of laser eye surgery is the dryness in the eyes so one should be properly hydrated before and after the surgery. Alcohol helps in keeping the body hydrated and can lower the chances of dryness in the eyes at the same time lubricating eye drops has been assigned by doctors to manage such symptoms. So that alcohol level may decrease after undergoing laser eye treatment.

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