Camo Wedding Dress – How To Choose The Right One For YourBody Type?

It’s time to choose one of the great protagonists of the wedding and you still don’t know which camo wedding dresses plus size is the best model for your body type? Do not worry that in this post I will help you!

Surely one of the most important steps in the organization of the wedding is the long-awaited choice of the ideal dress! The dress that is one of the biggest symbols of the wedding and that is long awaited by everyone who will see the bride.

And to help you in this important choice, I put together this quick and practical guide with the best wedding dress recommendations, according to body shapes, but always remember that, despite the indications according to physical types, the most important thing is that you feel good and that your dress reflects your true personality.

Identify Your Shapes

Take a good look at the image chart on Google and try to identify your body shape or the one that comes as close as possible, this will help you to know the places on the body where you have more volume and that you may need to balance. After you find the right body type, your worry is from where to buy camo wedding dress Right? We recommend to find it from the brands online like Amazon, eBay, dhgate reliable wholesale, BHLDN and many more.

1. Triangle Shape

The first shape we are going to see is the best known as pear, it is a typical body shape of many Brazilian women: The shoulders are smaller than the hips, the waist and arms are thin and well designed, and the breasts are small to medium.

Brides with this type of body (who do not want to draw too much attention to their hips, as they are more voluminous) should opt for dresses in more discreet skirts and with a fluid or straight fit. Drawing attention to the lap with elements that help to increase it is also a good option and in this case the ideal is to avoid very tight dresses, such as mermaid dresses, as they show a lot of the hip region.

Now, if you don’t want to decrease your hips and would like to wear a mermaid dress, try to use an off-the-shoulder neckline, to give the feeling of an increase in the shoulders and thus develop balance.

2. Rectangle Shape

A woman with a rectangular body type has the same measurements at the shoulders, waist and hips.

In this case, you can bet on fitted models, with an A-line skirt or even a princess model, to give the volume you need at the bottom. As this silhouette has no curves, the wedding dress needs to have volume and slim the waist (if your intention is to bring curves to the body).

And rectangle-shaped women have an advantage: The straighter body is free to wear almost all dress models, except straight-cut dresses, which show little of the waist. Marking the waist any model values, with ruffles, textures, pleats, full skirts and etc.

3. Inverted Triangle Format

The inverted triangle body type woman has her upper body (shoulders and breasts) larger than her hips.

And the tip here is to highlight the lower part of the body and not bring more emphasis on the top. A halter neckline and dresses with wider straps are good options, in addition to flowing, A-line, layered or princess skirts, which balance the lack of volume at the hip.

If your intention is not to show your shape, avoid boat necklines, off-the-shoulder and straight dresses and in mermaid modeling, which increase the upper part.

4. Oval Shape

The waist measurement of a woman with an oval silhouette is larger than that of the hips and chest.

And if you want to disguise this point, the ideal is to create the allusion of a smaller waist. The tip is to visually decrease the waist with a wider, slightly rounded skirt, combined with V-necklines.

It is also indicated the use of well-structured bodices to tune the torso region. The idea is to create an optical illusion by “raising” shoulders and skirt.

Now that you know all the shapes, be sure to remember that there is no ideal shape or what is better and worse, we are all different and with beautiful body shapes, and these tips should be thought of as strategies to highlight what we like the most. and disguise what bothers us a little.