Botulinum Toxin, a popular helper to stop aging

If people have problems with all skin types, they tend to have different problems. whether sensitive skin Should choose to use a cleansing foam โฟมล้างหน้า that is gentle on the skin But if there is a problem with wrinkles, there is another helper that can help. It is a type of bacterial protein that works by inhibiting the secretion of neurotransmitters. different muscle contractions

Botox injections Usually see results within 7-14 days, but if injections to reduce muscle size, such as jaw reduction, usually see a change after about 1 month of injection because it takes time. The muscles that are inhibited to work gradually become smaller.

After Botox injections The treatment effect will last approximately 3-6 months depending on the injection technique if intramuscularly. The healing effect usually lasts longer than the superficial injection. such as the dermis, the fat layer After Botox wears off The size and function of the muscles will gradually. return to its original state So we don’t have to worry about permanent side effects. or chemical residues in the body


  1. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles Caused by muscle contraction, such as wrinkles on the forehead, wrinkles from frowning, crow’s feet, wrinkles on the nose. as well as being injected at certain points To adjust the shape, such as raising eyebrows, correcting the wings of the nose, adjusting the contours of the chin or neck area.

Mesobotox or Microbotox is a botox injection technique. To adjust the facial skin to look smoother and firmer. which uses a more dilute botox Injected into the dermis in the area to be treated. by dividing the injection into several Botox injection sites in the dermis are more popular. Because it looks more natural than injections in the muscle layer however The therapeutic effect is often shorter than intramuscular injection.

But the botox Cannot treat wrinkles caused by increasing age. or exposure to sunlight Because it is a deterioration in the dermis layer. Not wrinkles caused by muscle contraction.

  1. Reduce the size of the muscles, such as reducing the size of the jaw, making the face look slimmer. Reduce the size of the muscles around the calves for slender legs. The amount of Botox used to treat Often increased according to the size of the muscle, so the injection into the muscle mass. Therefore, the cost is quite high.

in the injection to reduce the size of the muscles around the jaw The cause of the jaw should also be identified, such as a habit of chewing on hard or tough foods such as bones, guts, gum, or bruxism that may result in tooth wear. therefore should see a dentist to assess and provide appropriate treatment For example, use a material to prevent bruxism (Splint).

Therefore, if you want to correct the condition of the open face or open face that is not due to muscle size But caused by fat or the structure in the bone. Botox is not the answer for treatment of this case

  1. Reduce sweat secretion in the armpits, hands or feet by drying the skin in that area. Some medical institutions therefore use this information to claim and exaggerate that Botox injections can treat acne. which in fact Not a standard acne treatment, wrong indication and cost of treatment. It is also higher than necessary.

Possible side effects

  • Brows or eyelids Unnatural face shape Should choose a doctor who specializes in injections. because you need to know the location of the island and the extent of the muscles as well
  • bruise after injection
  • Some people may have a headache.


Botox helps solve skin problems. caused by muscle contraction which is temporary To treat this way Should choose a standard Botox. and well-trained doctors to prevent side effects

The important thing is that the budget should be allocated appropriately, not over the body, as the expenses are quite high. And the treatment effect will only last for a period of time.


  • Use Botox for
  • Reduce wrinkles and creases.
  • Reduce the size of the muscles of the face and calves.
  • Reduce sweat secretion in the armpit area.
  • Choose a hospital that uses standard substances.


  • Use Botox to reduce the size of the face. caused by fat or jaw bone


After Botox injections How do you take care of yourself? Are there any restrictions after injections?


After Botox injections in the facial muscles You should take care of yourself as follows.

– Avoid lying down for the first 4 hours to prevent the flow of botox to other positions by staying in an upright position.

– Avoid facial massage Go to the sauna or steam 2 weeks after Botox injection

The (not) secret of facial care

  1. How to wash your face Use only your fingertips to gently cleanse your face. Do not scrub vigorously. Because it may stimulate acne. Avoid washing your face with hot water. Because it will cause dry skin. Which results in wrinkles faster with it. If you wash your face properly The skin must not be dry and tight after washing the face.
  2. The frequency of washing your face Should wash the face twice a day and may increase the washing of the face. After exercising or doing activities that cause a lot of sweating. to reduce clogging of the skin especially in those with oily skin. But not that washing your face more often will be better. Because it may stimulate acne as well.
  3. Products used to clean and apply facial skin Should choose a cleansing foam โฟมล้างหน้า that has a weak acidic condition, about 5 H, no beads or scrubs to scrub the face does not contain alcohol which is often found in facial toners), no fragrance, no foam, no surfactant Because it may cause irritation to the skin. The skin is dry, peeling and may have a dermatitis rash. as well as stimulate the occurrence of acne, so it is not necessary to use beads or scrub and toner to wipe the face after washing the face
  4. The right hairstyle should keep the hair, do not let the hair come off or snuggle the face. Because it can stimulate acne. Even if you wash your hair every day A helper may be used, such as tying your hair into a ponytail with a hairpin and headband, and you should wash your hair regularly. If the scalp You can wash your hair every day.
  5. Refrain from scratching, taking the sheep’s hands, grabbing and squeezing the face. It will stimulate the clogging and cause acne inflammation. It also results in black marks from acne. After acne is gone, too.
  6. Avoid strong sunlight. Because it can cause irritation. Especially in those who apply acne medication to treat vitamin A group. which has a skin condition that is exposed to sunlight more than usual

consult a dermatologist to receive appropriate advice for each individual because if left for a long time especially in cases with inflammatory acne Often the scars from acne follow. Both red marks and holes which to treat acne scars Usually have a higher cost than in general.

Someone asked me that I have changed the mask from normal to carbon. I still have acne. Dr. Jackie would like to clarify that Acne is not about the material, no matter what the mask is made of. It can cause acne as well. Because when tying the mask, it’s like holding hands. and sheep around the face all the time which can stimulate acne but by the nature of the profession should tie the mask along the body of the work then apply the medicine to cure Lew


Is it appropriate to use mineral water spray in Thailand? And is it considered essential skin care or not?


As for the mineral water spray, it may help reduce some irritation, but it is not considered necessary.