Best Safety Tips When Bringing Babies In Road Trips

Whether you’re simply going on your first family vacation or bringing your baby to meet your loved ones for the first time, the first road trip of your child can be extremely exciting.

Unfortunately, it can also be highly stressful and overwhelming. This is particularly true if it is a long road trip. 

Road trips with a baby can be intimidating. However, they do not have to be. This is particularly true if you follow the tips below.

Here are some of the best safety tips when bringing babies on road trips.

Inspect Your Car Seat

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 50% of car seats in the world aren’t properly installed.

Because you’ll be spending more time in your car during a long road trip, it is wise to visit your local auto mechanic first and let them inspect your car seat before the trip. 

You can also visit the fire department or local police for a car seat inspection. These departments won’t charge you. So, if you want to save money, consider visiting them.

Also, since you’re bringing a baby, ensure the baby bouncer seat is appropriately attached to the car seat.

Check The Tires

Tires are susceptible to blowouts. If you’re going on a road trip during the hot summer season, the chances of tire blowouts increase. 

Because of this, it is always ideal to regularly examine your tire’s pressure during the trip. If possible, you might want to replace your car’s tires before you go on a long road trip.

Take Precautions

You must follow standard safety precautions and preparation with or without a baby. You’ve got to ensure you have a tire iron, car jack, and a spare tire ready to go. 

This is particularly true if you are driving through less populated areas where the closest mechanic can be several miles away. 

When you pack your car for the road trip, ensure it does not obstruct the driver’s view. This includes the rearview mirror. 

When you must stop at night, make sure you do it in a well-lit area. If the road trip will take days, it’s a wise move to bring a high-quality safe from a reputable, safe manufacturer. This is where you will put all your valuables when you need to sleep at night.

Don’t Leave Your Child Alone In The Vehicle

You should not leave your baby unattended in a vehicle, even if you crack the window open for air, if the child has finally fallen asleep, or if you only have a quick errand. 

For those who don’t know, your baby’s body temperature can quickly heat up. Thus, it can be life-threatening if you leave your baby in a hot car for several minutes. 

Utilize An Appropriate Car Restraint

Utilizing a high-quality car seat or other safety restraint is vital when traveling with babies. 

Make sure they are according to the size and weight of the child. They should also correctly fit according to the model of your car.

Plan Frequent Breaks

You might be able to drive for 6 hours straight without needing to eat or using the bathroom. However, your baby can’t do this.

Every 1-3 hours, plan for stops during the day. At night, try to stop every 3-6 hours. You can do this to change spit-up or sweaty clothes, eat, stretch your legs, change diapers, and more.

Also, create a checklist of items you go through during each break to avoid unnecessary stops. This will help you avoid forgetting anything, such as using the restroom, changing your baby’s diapers, and more.

Work With Your Partner

While your partner is driving, you should sit in the back with your baby. Having someone in the back seat can help tackle problems when they occur. 

This includes getting rid of your child’s boredom, wiping up your child’s mouth after eating, preparing bottles, and much more. Doing so can help lower stops and prevent total meltdowns. 

During a road trip with kids, it’s a wise move to sleep whenever your child sleeps as well. You should also sleep in the back whenever your child is sleeping. 

Doing so will help you stay refreshed and take over for your partner when he gets tired of driving. 

You need to remember that drivers get tired at night when driving mainly because of the car’s darkness. As much as possible, you want your vehicle to be bright to stimulate your eyes.

To do this, you can install an SMD 2835 led strip inside your car.


Remember that taking your baby on a long road trip is about setting realistic expectations. Give yourself a lot of time to prepare. If things don’t go as planned, go easy on yourself. 

Next time you travel with your child in the car, follow the safety tips above to guarantee maximum safety.