Best odds for the FIFA World Cup 2022 at a bookmaker LeoVegas

The most anticipated football tournament is the World Cup. It’s attractive because it happens once every four years hosting the best football nations across the world as they compete for the biggest football prize on the global stage.

In 2022, after much controversy, the World Cup will be held in Qatar. It will start on November 21st and conclude on December 18th and be hosted in eight venues in five cities. The host, Qatar has an automatic qualification spot.

Besides being entertaining to watch, the World Cup is a great opportunity to bet with LeoVegas. You can place bets from the group stages, through the knockouts, to the finals. 

But before engaging in the exciting world of World Cup betting, you need to know a bit about the setup of the tournament and what the best odds are. This article will break these down so that you can bet with your best hand.

The World Cup Format

To qualify for the World Cup, country teams need to qualify out of their regional confederations. Each of the six confederations is allocated spots in the World Cup:

  1. The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) allocated 4-5 teams.
  2. The Confederation of African Football (CAF) allocated 5 teams.
  3. The Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) allocated 3-4 teams.
  4. The South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) allocated 4-5 teams.
  5. The Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) allocated 0/1 team.
  6. The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) allocated 13 teams.

The 32 teams that make it through their regions are placed in eight groups. The teams play through the group stages to qualify for the knockout stage, followed by the quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals. 

Notable Teams and Individuals 

During the lifetime of the World Cups, some teams have stood out from the rest. Of the teams, Brazil has won the most World Cups, winning five. Italy and Germany follow closely behind with four trophies each.

Teams from CAF, AFC, OFC and CONCACAF are still on the hunt for their first World Cup trophy.

The previous winners over the last five tournaments preceding the Qatar 2022 World Cup are France (2018), Germany (2014), Spain (2010), Italy (2006) and Brazil (2002).

Betting Options for the World Cup

There are many betting options to choose from to capitalise on the games at World Cup. As a punter, you need to be aware of them because they have different odds and payouts.


This is one of the most common types of bets, not just for football but other sports as well. it is common because it is simple to understand and great for beginners.

The punter simply has to choose a match of two teams and decide which team will win. While some soccer betting sites may offer a three-way moneyline which includes betting on a draw, most will not likely have this option available.

Spread Betting 

This bet focuses on goals in soccer rather than points in other games. Since soccer scores are usually low, the spreads will be below.

A spread of -1.5/+1.5 means the underdog team needs to lose or win by less than a goal. The favourite needs to win by a goal or more.

Totals Betting

The goal of this bet is to predict the total score of the two teams. You need to bet on whether it will be lower or higher than the set line. 


The odds ranking the possible winners of the World Cup are published before the World Cup starts. This allows punters to place future bets. You can place a future bet a year or a couple of months in advance.

The World Cup winner has plenty of uncertainty which is why the payout is high. The odds are usually in favour of the previous winner but the previous winner rarely wins the following World Cup.

Therefore, punters can cash out at any point before their team gets eliminated if they change their mind.

Prop Bets

There are many ways betting houses can get creative with unique offers through prop bets. These bets add zest to the other offers available. They add more fun and intrigue to bets compared to more conventional bets which work around soccer outcomes.

You may get a prop bet mixing an over/under or using yes/no questions.

Best Odds for 2022

Some teams are stronger favourites than others to win the World Cup. Based on their past performances and qualifiers, these are the teams to watch through the 2022 World Cup. 


They have won the World Cup five times before and are the top favourites to win this year’s World Cup. Despite losing Copa America Final to Argentina, they have had a prolific qualification run remaining unbeaten.

While they still have five games in the qualifications of CONMEBOL, Brazil has already clinched its spot in the World Cup. Led by Neymar Jr, plus some great supporting players, their campaign looks strong and ready. They have the overall best odds of winning the World Cup in 2022.


The defending champions will have something to say about their challengers. Despite performing poorly at the Euros, knocked out by Switzerland, they are on the rise again. In October 2021, they clinched their first UEFA Nations League title after beating teams such as Belgium and Spain.

The team is led by Mbappe and Pogba with a formidable team that will be difficult to defend. They have the second-best odds of winning the World Cup.


England comes off a strong campaign at the Euros in 2020 where they lost the final to Italy. They also have the top scorer from the last World Cup, Harry Kane, amongst their young attacking team. 

England is the third team with the highest odds to win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.


The World Cup is an exciting time in football and will have many heads glued to the screen supporting their favourite teams. It is a great opportunity for betting while enjoying the wonderful sport.

You can choose from several betting options while keeping an eye out for the tournament happenings at There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the World Cup while winning some cash with sports betting.