Best kid-friendly attractions of Minneapolis

Today we are going to be looking at Minneapolis’s best kid-friendly attractions throughout the seasons. So, you can decide where to take your child at any time of the year for an enjoyable experience and unforgettable memories for years to come.


Spring is the season of birth and wonders where winter fades away, and everything blooms anew. You would be advised to take your child to zoos, attractions, and different sanctuaries during this season as they will have the most beautiful flowers with birds flying amok. Zoos will even possibly have new animals born so your child could see a baby animal for the first time!

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is an 11 acres wide area with 40 different stunning statues of art from Walker Art Center’s collections. It is mostly famous for its spoon-cherry sculpture with different outdoor concerts, which have educational activities. Take the kids there to see these statues, participate in the activities, and watch a concert!

Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a very spacious place, as expected of a sanctuary that hosts over 500 different types of plants, so the kids will not be bored from seeing the same thing over again, that is for sure! Especially since over 130 different types of birds regularly fly on the territory of the Sanctuary.

Como Zoo and Conservatory

The good old zoos option. Nothing wrong with going to the zoo and seeing new animals or the old ones, but in spring, there will be some new additions in the enclosures, which is always a joy to see in a zoo!


Summer is the season of excitement, movement, and constant activity. You could take your child to different aquariums or perhaps attractions that involve constant activity and interaction where they could socialize with children their age. You should try finding different areas where there are many other children for your child to have fun/interact with.

Minnehaha Falls

The Minnehaha Falls is a 53 feet long waterfall that comes from the Minnehaha creek. Now why this destination is great for summer. Well, it is a very common climbing/hiking spot, so you could grab the kids and take them out to see some nature or find a minivan rental MN and make a trip through the area for a wonderful experience.

Nickelodeon Universe

The all-in-one trip into the world of Nickelodeon. Every cartoon character and show have its own booth/merch, so your child or kids will be screaming with joy from seeing their favorite character in front of them! Plus, they will have a smile on their faces for a long time just from the experience of going to such a place. So, go grab a van rental and make a big trip to this place!

Sea Life Aquarium

Has your child never seen anything besides the common house goldfish? Well, you should probably take them to an aquarium, and luckily Minneapolis has one. Anything ranging from exotic to less exotic but large sea creatures in this place will make the kids have their faces stuck to the glass literally!


It is not as easy to find different attractions for your child to have fun in during autumn because there is not as much possibility for action. A good idea is to take them to different more culture-orientated places. Nevertheless, large gardens are still an option as autumn leaves make the most beautiful places shine even more!

Science Museum of Minnesota

This place might not sound like the most interesting place, but it sure is! Nikola Tesla’s invention will make them excited!

The dinosaur bones of the pterodactyl will make them gasp, and everything else will excite them even more!

They might even learn a thing or two for school because the semester started again.

Also, try finding a Minneapolis car rental and gather a group and go enjoy a fun time!

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

If indoor stuff is not something your child is fond of, then take them outside and let them experience the autumn season in the arboretum. It is quite the sight with all of the autumn leaves falling and making it a picture-worthy landscape. Go rent a car or drive there yourself and enjoy a majestic view!


Winter is the season of snow and many holidays. It is a season where it would be nice to take your child or kids to different indoor areas, stimulating the child’s mind. Since spending too much time outside could be more negative to health since winter is not as kind as other seasons.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

An art museum is a place that is not only warm during winter but also quite interesting to boot. Different art ranging from ”The Scream” to the ever famous ”Mona Lisa” the kids will have something to look at and point at every couple of seconds in interest.

Children’s Theater Company

The theater is not only a place of culture but also development. Because not only can you learn something from it and be entertained you could perhaps participate in the show itself and make something of it!

Enjoy a fun time in Minneapolis!

These are all the places that are not only kid-friendly but kid-interactive. All of them have something to offer to indulge an interest or participate in an activity.

Have a jolly year of fun in Minneapolis.