Benefits of Synthetic Turf

You have searched online for an artificial turf installer near me and wondering if it is worthwhile. In order to know if installing artificial grass is worthwhile, it helps to compare it to natural grass. Furthermore, you need to look at where you live as the foremost reason for artificial grass is if you live in drought conditions to save water. But that is not all, as synthetic turf has many other benefits.

No Mowing The Lawn or Maintenance Needed

Installing synthetic turf requires no maintenance. You won’t need to get up on a weekend to pull out that lawnmower to cut grass. You do not have to buy fertilizer or haul the hose around to water the grass. No, you can sit back on a Saturday or Sunday morning on your deck chair and enjoy the sun sipping on your favorite beverage.

You Won’t See Any Bare Spots or Puddles of Water

As the ground is rolled and smoothed out before installation, it helps eliminate the grooves where water can accumulate. The artificial turf installer will add some irrigation channels to drain excess water away to prevent water pooling in your low areas.

Neither will you find bare spots compared to natural grass with high foot traffic and pathways. Synthetic grass is very resilient and can resist constant pressure when walked on. The turf blades jump back and will remain upright for a long time.

Safe for Children and Pets without Grass Stains

Most brands have anti-bacterial properties to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. Therefore, synthetic grass is safe for kids and pets to play on. In addition, as you don’t need to use toxic chemicals, fertilizer, or pesticides, your children are not exposed to harmful chemicals.

The best part is that when pets and kids play on the lawn, they do not get that unsightly mud and grass stains on their clothes or shoes. They can slide across the yard without any brown streaks. We are sure this is a bonus for cleaning the laundry for mom or dad.

Synthetic Turf is Drought and Shade Resistant

When you grow natural grass in the garden, shade, and water are always concerned. In shaded spots, the grass does not grow and needs direct sunlight under tree canopies.

In addition, you need to install irrigation systems to water the lawn. With artificial turf, you need not worry if the grass is underneath trees or giving it water.

Then, if you live in a drought environment installing synthetic grass is the way to go. The maintenance is low, and it needs no harsh fertilizers to make it grow.

Synthetic Turf is Cost-Effective

Having a natural grass lawn can become expensive if you need to keep it maintained. Hence, we think one of the main benefits of artificial grass is that it is long-lasting and adds value to your property. Therefore, while installing it at first might cost you some money, it remains a long-term investment that can last years without extra cash for maintenance. In addition, you don’t need to pay for a landscaping service to keep the lawn short or looking healthy. If you are looking for a synthetic turf installer, look no further than Lone Star Synthetic Turf.