Beginners Guide On Recognizing The Original Laguiole Knife From A Phoney One 

People often append the term Laguiole knives to a specific brand but little do they realise that it is not a brand or any manufacturer, but the name of a small village in the department of Aveyron of France. These knives are named after the place where this special piece of cutlery was created.

These knives were first seen in the Laguiole village of France, but owing to lack of knowledge, the name was never registered. This has to lead to the name being available in the public domain out in the open, accessible to anyone for use. Now, regardless of the products’ origin, you can name it Laguiole, even if it did not originate in France.

If you are looking for the best and the most authentic quality Laguiole knives, then you must consider buying Le fidèle LAGUIOLE French knives. They are the French manufacturer of Laguiole knives and they have been manufacturing the original Laguiole knives using the right historical process of 1828 for many years.

They have a huge variety in their products and each of their products is special in its cause. Each of their Laguiole knives is handcrafted by their special craftsmen who are highly skilled in what they do. Each of their knives has an original layout and their handles are made of real raw material like wood, real horn, etc.

Laguiole Knives: How Do You Recognize a Counterfeit

As of today, there are no regulations about the Laguiole knives. Having said that, it becomes easy to understand why every other manufacturer is issuing this name. In such a scenario, it becomes painfully difficult to differentiate the real ones from the fake Laguiole knives. This is also the reason why these knives are available at cheap stores as well.

You must remember that you get what you pay for. If you are paying very little for a knife, you will get a sub-standard knife with no shelf life and an easily perishable body. In this section of the article, we will focus on some of the pointers, which will help you differentiate the real Laguiole knives from the fake ones:

The knife that has a pressed horn handle – it would be a huge mistake if you purchase a Laguiole knife with a pressed handle, especially then when you want one for the long term. Irrespective of the geographical parameters, you should always prioritise buying a knife with a handle made of horn tip, and not of pressed horn tip.

The reason is that only the last few inches (3-4) of a horn are solid like wood or metal. The rest part of the horn is hollow. It is but natural that it would collapse. To make this hollow part usable, it must be slashed in half, steamed and compressed. However, the issue is that since the horn has shape memory, it regains the shape.

This gives the handle a hollow appearance with gaps.


If quality matters to you, then you must be very cautious while buying the Laguiole knife. There are different parameters that you must view before making a decision.