Are Brush Guards Worth It?

Brush guards are type of grille guard mounted to the front of your truck. While many truck owners install a brush guard because they just like the looks of it, most people install one to protect the front of the vehicle from branches or animals. A brush guard can minimize the impact of a collision with smaller animals. Brush guards tend to be expensive to install, so you might be wondering whether it’s worth having one or not.

Benefits Of A Brush Guard

A brush guard protects against front-end damage. Brush guards tend to work more effectively in rural areas where you may come across branches or bushes that can damage your truck, but they can also protect you in parking lots when someone bumps your truck while backing out. Brush guards are great for protecting your truck if you hit a small-medium animal. If you try to take on a cow or moose, the brush guard isn’t going to help at all.

Type Of Debris A Brush Guard Can Protect You From

Your brush guard is great protection against small trees or scratchy brush that you’ll run across when you’re off-road or on back roads. Your brush guard is also great protection against kicked-up rocks and dirt roads. Grille guards not only protect your front-end and paint job, they can also protect your radiator and other engine components. Truck bumper guards give you one more layer of protection against dings and dents that add up over time.

What Should You Know About Brush Guards?

Brush guards have great aesthetic appeal, but there are a few things truck owners should be aware of before installing one. A brush guard does add significant weight to the front end of the truck. This can affect the handling of the truck. It can impact your gas mileage, too. Keep that in mind when you’re shopping. A polycarbonate or aluminum alloy weighs less.

Another concern with brush guards is that they cause more damage to pedestrians if there is a collision. Brush guards don’t absorb energy in an impact, which means the force to the pedestrian is even more than if you didn’t have a brush guard. If you live in a city where this could be a greater risk, you may want to find another option than a brush guard.

What’s Right For You?

You need to think about where you drive and what you need to protect your truck. Brush guards are great for rugged truck use in a country setting. It gives your truck a strong look. But brush guards aren’t right for everyone. If you want to decide between a push bar vs. bull bar, read the reviews and talk to experts before making any purchases. It’s often a personal preference, but there are some pros and cons for each option.  Consider where and how you use your truck and what type of protection you need. Don’t forget to think about how each option alters the appearance of your truck. Information is power when adding truck add-ons to make your ride safer.