Anatoly Karpov’s Early Life and Career

Anatoly Karpov was born on newslokmat May 23, 1951, in the Russian city of Zlatoust. He is a former world chess champion and one of the strongest players in the history of the game. Karpov’s parents were engineers, and his mother, Klara Shagenovna, was a chemist. His father, Alexander, was an engineer for the Soviet Army who worked on missile guidance systems. Karpov was a quiet and introverted child who showed an early interest in chess. As a young boy, he quickly developed an aptitude for the game and was soon competing in local saverudata tournaments. At the age of 12, Karpov was accepted into Mikhail Botvinnik’s chess school, where he was coached by legendary chess players like Lev Polugaevsky, Mark Dvoretsky and Victor Gous. He also studied at the Higher School of Chess in Moscow, where he was taught by grandmasters such as Victor Korchnoi and Tigran Petrosian. Karpov made his international debut at the age of 15, when he participated in the 1968 European Junior Championship. He won the tournament, and his precocious talent soon earned him the title of grandmaster. In 1975, he won the World Junior Championship uptodatedaily and placed second in the Soviet Championship. Karpov went on to become the twelfth world chess champion in 1975, after Bobby Fischer forfeited the match. He defended his title throughout the 1980s and dominated the game for almost a decade. In the early 2000s, he was defeated by Garry Kasparov in the World Chess Championship match, which marked the end of his long and successful career. Today, Karpov is still considered one of the greatest chess players of all time and is an ambassador for पॉपुलर मटका the sport. He uses his influence to promote chess in schools and is actively involved in many chess-related charities. He is also the author of several books about chess and a member of the Board of the World Chess Hall of Fame.