AMP Email to Leverage Marketing Campaign Results.

What Is an AMP Email? – Definition and Tips

If you want to leverage engagement with your working emails, you should try the AMP email feature or the Accelerated Mobile Pages. This is a new way for businesses to increase their chances of hitting the target audience and taking interest.

In this article, Go Now will reveal the secrets of using AMP emails in practice. This type of email can include various engaging elements and components. It also lets the readers confirm the reservation, save the product in the cart and perform other actions without the need to get transferred to the website.

Why Is AMP Email Important?

How does the business benefit from the AMP email use? The direct benefit is reflected in the user’s experience.

  • First of all, email readers don’t need to visit the website because everything can be done in one email fast.
  • AMP helps marketers gain more valuable data from the customers and hit outstanding positions on the market.
  • Email marketing strategies work better due to the versatility of content included in the AMP emails.

If you manage a business marketing campaign, the use of AMP emails should be the priority channel for better results.

How Is AMP Email Different From Usual HTML Email?

The main difference is the restricted number of features the HTML email can offer. When you have a regular HTML message, you can’t add any conflicting components to diversify the content. It makes AMP email examples more interesting to the users and makes people invest more time and effort in the reading.

AMP Email Best Practices

When a business decides to implement AMP email marketing as a part of a huge ad campaign, there have to be some tips to learn. First of all, it’s the size of the email. It can’t exceed 800 pixels. Otherwise, the quality of the content could be harmed. In many cases, marketers forget to adjust the email design to the general company’s website design. But this is a mandatory step to synchronize the visual aspect. Don’t forget to keep everything simple, and don’t put too many details into one email draft. It can divert the audience.

AMP Email Examples

You can follow the amp email template to incorporate it into your daily marketing campaign practice. However, the variety of AMP email examples is huge. So let’s see what the most useful features you can make a part of your AMP email are.

  • AMP-bind and subscription form are the leading features for the users.
  • You can try the checkbox or side panel.
  • Animation, text field, and AMP lightbox can also become your future email features.

If you need to engage the audience and ask for some feedback, this is how you can do it in a different, more interactive way.