All You Need to Know About Tiger Generators

Power has with time become a necessity in our lives. It is inevitable that power outages are just as common nowadays, especially in the rural areas. Generators are thus  a must-have backup plan particularly in areas with an unreliable power supply. In this article I’ll focus on Tiger generators.

Tiger generators are prevalent in Kenya mainly due to their impressive performance and versatility. They are excellent for both small and large businesses, and homes as well as industries. It’s however important to know that these equipments are delicate and need good maintenance for them to last long and work well Before we start if you interested or finding a high quality food truck generator then check this master list best food truck generator.

What Are Tiger Generators?

Tiger is a winning brand that makes quality and efficient generators with outstanding performance. Tiger generators come in a variety of sizes depending on the power they offer. There is surely a substantial number of these generators on the markets which are operated differently; either by gasoline or diesel.

Tiger generators are mostly medium-sized and mobile, as well as cheap. They are affordable which makes them ordinary to households and small businesses.

Advantages of Tiger generators

The following advantages will further persuade you on how Tiger generators are well-equipped to work well in your desired environment.

  • They are affordable even to the small business holders and low income earners as they are cheap.
  • They are fuel efficient especially in this era where prices of fuel are at an all-time high. Furthermore, they have a much celebrated low rate of fuel consumption.
  • They are manageable and cheap to maintain with spare facets readily available at any electronic supplies store. They can be skillfully repaired by a mechanic.

Smaller generators have a generally low petrol usage and thus the ideal option for any home or small business. You should however revise the Tiger generator price in Kenya to decide on which one suits your budget.

What You Must Know About Tiger Generators

The following are quite important factors to know about Tiger generators before deciding to buy them as they will affect your generator’s functionality.

  • It is recommended that you should not operate your generator continuously beyond 6 hours.
  • You should forgo overloading your generator.
  • You should consider acquiring energy efficient appliances and bulbs to use with your generator.

Things You May Hate in a Tiger Generator

The following are simply factors you must be aware of before deciding to purchase any of the Tiger generators.

  • They have a rapid rate of breakdown when used repeatedly. Therefore, you must service them regularly.
  • They should never be used as a lasting backup for recurrent power outages.
  • There is a limitation on the utmost number of appliances that can be powered by a Tiger generator. While in use, detach devices likely to overload it.
  • If not appropriately serviced and maintained, the generators may operate noisily and emit toxic fumes.

Tiger Generators’ Safety Tips

It’s also worth noting the generally accepted safety manner in which to operate these tools. The Manual Guide that comes with the newly bought generator usually incorporates these.

  • You should constantly use them outdoors or in a well ventilated space.
  • Keep them safeguarded against harsh weather.
  • You’re discouraged from immediately attaching them into a wall portal in your home.

Beware of the Tiger Generator Counterfeits

As is often the case with almost all enviable popular brands, Tiger generators have fakes too. You should thus be extra careful when purchasing these generators. To be precise, buy them from renowned and accredited dealers.


Tiger generators are ever-efficient, cheap and durable. These make them consistent and reliable backup for power shortage. Perhaps most importantly, use them accordingly for them to be effective. You should moreover make sure that you purchase the real thing to enjoy its benefits to the maximum.