All You Must Know About Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Also known as impotence, erectile dysfunction is a man’s inability to hold an erection for long enough to have intercourse. Just because you have trouble with your erection once in a while doesn’t mean you have erectile dysfunction or ED. However, if this is an ongoing concern that has affected your sex life, relationship, and how you feel about yourself, it is time to schedule an appointment with a Brooklyn urologist. In this post, we are discussing some of the common treatments for ED.

Oral medications

Before we talk about drugs and medications, it is important to understand that your urologist may not start with a treatment before they recommend certain lifestyle changes. Doctors often use a non-medical approach to see if a patient responds to the treatment. If that doesn’t work, they will usually start with FDA-approved medications, which include Levitra and Viagra. These drugs increase blood flow to the penis and are typically taken one to two hours before intercourse.

Self-Injection Therapies

If the patient doesn’t respond to oral medications, the doctor may consider injectables. It is common to start with prostaglandin E1, injected on the side of the penis using a fine needle. There are pros and cons of such treatments, which you should discuss in detail with your urologist.

Weight loss

As mentioned above, non-medical solutions can help with ED, and urologists and doctors often recommend overweight and obese patients to lose weight. Obesity can cause blood flow concerns, which can impact erections, too. Just losing a few pounds can make a difference. You can talk to your doctor about the right exercise and diet plans.

Penile Implant Treatment

The most advanced option is a penile implant, which has a few pros and cons. Your urologist will insert a three-piece implant into the penis through an incision on the scrotum. Before intercourse, you have to compress uniquelastname the bulb located inside the scrotum, which will transfer water into the cylinders, causing an erection. Once you are done with sex, you squeeze the button inside the scrotum to get rid of the erection. While this is an outpatient procedure that takes about an hour, there are higher risks compared to many other treatments.

Do not let erectile dysfunction affect your love and sex life. Instead, speak to a specialist, consider the better ways to address the issue, and with prompt care and early intervention, you don’t have to live with nationaldaytime ED.