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Whether you are planning to purchase NoBudge’s calorie counter app or are merely wondering if it is safe to use, you have to know a few things before deciding. These are the things to look for:

It’s a platform for up-and-coming filmmakers

Founded by Kentucker Audley, NoBudge has been a leading voice for emerging filmmakers for over a decade. The site’s programming includes absurd comedies, genre-defying experimental creations, and student films. NoBudge also honors the concept of film as art.

NoBudge began as a Tumblr blog, and has since evolved into a website and streaming platform. The site has a free 7-day trial for new users. It also has associated apps for iOS and Android, as well as Roku and Apple TV. The platform’s full collection is available for streaming on these devices.

NoBudge’s streaming platform is designed to mix films from its existing collection with new content every day. The company is planning to add features in the future, but most of its films are shorts. The majority of the films are NYC premieres. All directors will be present for a post-film Q&A. NoBudge’s subscription is $5.99 per month.

The app’s content is curated by the company‘s head of indie distribution, Matt Grady. It features a diverse block of up-and-coming filmmakers, including Grace Glowicki (“Tito”), Tyler Taormina (“Ham on Rye”), and more. The app will also feature two feature films from Matt Grady, “Ham on Rye” and “Tito.”

NoBudge’s mission is to support emerging filmmakers. The site is supported by its subscription model, which keeps 60% of its revenues going back to the filmmakers.

It’s dangerous

Touted as the online equivalent of Slate’s Daily Beast, NoBudge is a well-executed site that’s worthy of a subscription. For starters, the company is a pioneer in a crowded space. One of its most noteworthy features is its partnership with Nitehawk Shorts Fest, a curated short film festival that’s as devoted to new works as it is to established favorites. The pairing has resulted in a slew of award-winning films that are sure to whet your appetite.

NoBudge isn’t just about films though. The company has a host of other entertainment offerings as well, such as an ad-free radio station and a nifty mobile app that lets users discover what’s on tap in their local vicinity. If the ding dongs aren’t your thing, the company also offers a slew of other perks, including access to the company’s exclusive swag bag, a no-strings-attached membership to its social media channels and an ad-free subscription to its podcasts.

NoBudge recently expanded its mission to a subscription-based streaming service. It’s also got an associated app on Roku and Apple TV. With NoBudge’s subscription service, you can watch your favorite films on demand, and 60% of the revenues go back to filmmakers.


Founded in 2007 by filmmaker Kentucker Audley, NoBudge is a cinema merchandising website that promotes movies and sells movie-themed products. It started out as a Tumblr blog, but has now evolved into a web-based streaming service that is available on Roku, Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire TV. It costs $5.99 a month to stream all of its films and has a commitment to giving back 60% of its revenues to filmmakers. Whether you are a movie fan or simply looking to support independent filmmakers, NoBudge is a great option for finding the best of the best.

Not to mention, NoBudge’s latest incarnation has more than a few things to keep you busy for hours on end. Among other things, NoBudge is home to a robust film and television community that celebrates the indie filmmaking craft through regular screenings and a robust network of filmmakers, actors, and industry aficionados.