A Roundup of Amazing Charts EHR Pros and Cons

An EHR solution is a must-have tool for all medical practices designed to aid the clinical settings. It adds value to the patient encounters by featuring a comprehensive suite of functionalities. And thus, it helps boost the overall clinical experience.

And one such software is Amazing Charts EMR. This striking healthcare solution provides variant modules to assist care providers. There are a lot of practitioners that adore this solution. And the answer to their liking is spanned across the outlook of Amazing Charts reviews.

Amazing Charts EMR Pricing

We think the price of healthcare solutions is the first thing that attracts customers’ attention. So, before moving to the feedbacks by the users, we showered light on Amazing Charts pricing plans. The vendor is designed to handle daily operations tasks and is priced accordingly.

The EHR solution costs $199 per provider per month. And its practice management solution costs $299 per provider per month. A customized bundle plan is also available upon request, but Amazing Charts do not disclose its pricing.

Besides that, the software offers certain additional capabilities that cost extra. For instance, services like population health and virtual care come under the added services category. However, users have the facility of free trial and demo facility at their disposal.

The Reviews of Amazing Charts EMR

We evaluated the reviews of Amazing charts to understand what users like about this vendor. Of course, you don’t have to read every single feedback to learn the quality opinions of the users. So, here we are with a voluminous list of pivotal features we explored from the stellar reviews of this market player.


Excellent Patient Engagement

The most impressive feature users befit from by implementing Amazing Charts is the impeccable patient experience. The software focuses keenly on the patient-centric services for engaging patients in care facilities.

This feature is not limited to the patient portal just for the sake of giving data access to the patients. There’s much more to it. The industry-leading system knows patients love being in control, and that’s what it offers for them.

Clients can use it to schedule appointments, review lab reports, communicate with the physicians, and precise medical bills. All this can be done through a single login. Besides that, it offers perfect services to ensure meaningful patient encounters.

Smooth Documentation Handling

Managing documents takes time, diverting doctors’ attention from the patients to clinical tasks. Moreover, this apparently straightforward task leaves a dreadful impression on the clients as they feel left out. But, with Amazing Charts, this is something users don’t have to bother about.

The system comes with an innovative kit of tools for handling the documentation process. Like, it offers customized patient charts and templates to save time in designing the layout of treatment plans. And, care providers can spend their precious time diagnosing patients.

Also, there are tools like voice recognition that automate the data entry process and get tasks done instantly. Then, it also aligns and updates all the edited documents on the patient profiles. All this results in streamlined documentation activities.

Intact Legal Compliance

The software ensures all users get top-grade clinical services with its next-level standardization. And, the purest way to do so is by offering HIPAA compliant and Meaningful Use compliant solutions. In addition, amazing Charts seamlessly complies with all federal rules and regulations.

Physicians feel at ease by having an intact legally compliant product by their side. They don’t have to worry about staying within the legal limits to avoid sanctions. This robust platform assures that all United States standards are met adequately.

Following the set guidelines, it ensures improved clinical credibility and reliability. It even collects data from the patients in compliance with the standard rules. This essential service goes a long way in keeping data safe from third-party interventions.

Intuitive Dashboard

Another functionality EMR Amazing Charts excels at is providing users with an intuitive dashboard. As a result, users can work professionally from a centralized location. Not only that, they get easy access to the vendor’s tools and services along with the patient records.

This sleek dashboard simplifies the clinical operations by compiling all salient features at one single location. Medical professionals can even customize it to their clinical requirements. A favorite feature icon on the home screen allows keeping all essential tools one click away.

This business intelligence application comes with a minimal and non-existent learning curve. It is smooth and easier to operate. Also, this feature reduces the need for unnecessary clicks. As it presents all information on one exclusive tab, users don’t have to switch tabs.


Hampers Clinical Tasks

Reviews of Amazing Charts indicate that some users face issues with its updating speed. Additionally, they complain that the software slows down during the updates. It doubles the processing time of multiple clinical processes. And this is something providers can’t afford.

Even a slight delay in task management upsets the whole clinical routine. So hospitals and other care facilities need to get their hands on an EHR product they can rely on upon through thick and thin.

And, the system stalls under heavy workload, which is not tolerable at large-scale.

Hangs During Updates

The system gets stuck during updates, which sometimes affects patient check-ins and other fundamental processes. It can lead to disastrous and unfriendly outcomes. This can even result in a reduced patient satisfaction rate.

It leaves practitioners frustrated and worried about the poor patient experience. For this, it is necessary to keep IT experts on hold for any case the software malfunctions during the updates because it isn’t something ordinary employees can tackle easily.

Concluding Thoughts

After reading the pros and cons listed in this article, you might consider shifting to this vendor. However, more good than bad is associated with this excellent EHR solution. What makes Amazing Charts the user’s first pick is its pricing plan is structured with robust features.

It is a phenomenal option for all healthcare professionals. But as you are the best judge of your medical practice, we suggest you compare your needs with the offered functionalities. Implementing this software is an easy way to head to the road to success.