A Few Things You Might Not Know About the New ‘Geiger’ Comic

Geiger, a new comic book, has sparked a lot of interest among comic book aficionados. The story follows a father who walks over post-apocalyptic Nevada terrain with unusual radioactive powers.

As you read deeper into the interesting plot of this new series, here are some facts about the comic and its creator that you may not know about.

The Creator Shares Some Characteristics With the Lead Character

Tariq Geiger is an intriguing character created by writer Geoff Johns, but the two have more in common than readers may know. Geiger, like the author who created him, is half-Arab. He’s also a loving parent, and the writer’s description of the character’s affection for his missing family is likely based on his own experiences.

It Takes Place In The Future

Imagining the future and all of the perilous experiences that could occur is an intriguing way to draw readers in, and Geoff Johns achieves just that with his new comic series. After 2030, the globe has burst with nuclear weapons, and this plot takes place. The majority of mankind has relocated to underground bunkers, but those who remain on the surface must contend with unknown radiation consequences. Everyone above ground is trying to figure out how to stay alive on a barren planet. It is not easy to find food and shelter while also guarding oneself from radioactive creatures.

The Story Takes Its Inspiration From Various Locations

True Grit, The Hills Have Eyes, 2000 A.D., and Mad Max were all used as influences by the Geiger developers for the story and artwork. The violent, cruel tale, emotive graphic style, and warm, bleached color palette all bear the impact of these works.

Other Image Comics characters affected Geiger’s work as well, with the writer drawing inspiration from both Spawn and Savage Dragon.

The Creators Wanted To Do Something Different

Despite their previous work for DC Comics, including Batman: Three Jokers, Superman, and Supergirl, the writer and artist chose Image Comics for their collaboration with Geiger, noting the publisher’s tradition of encouraging creators’ complete creative freedom.

The Story Is Set In And Around Vegas

A devastated environment after a nuclear war is a common subject for many stories, and Geiger requires a unique perspective to stand out from the crowd. It succeeds by focusing the story on a wrecked Las Vegas, where criminal gangs fight for control of the shattered metropolis.

Geiger uses well-worn themes, but adds new twists that have comic book aficionados gushing. This series is sure to impress audiences searching for a gritty, engaging plot, thanks to its compelling characters and great visuals.