A concise view about a digital workplace

Technology has a major impact the manner of our working. No longer the work happens to be a physical location where we need to head daily. Right now the companies operate via digital platforms that can be accessed from anywhere till you have a laptop and a stable internet connection.

What is a digital workplace? It refers to a basic set of digital tools that the workers use to get their work done. This can be in the form of instant messaging to social media accounts along with automated work flows. It would be easy to assume that your company has a digital workplace since you may be using some of the components. But to implement digital workplace and to obtain tangible benefits you need to implement it in full flow. There is a need to understand what is digital workplace and how their implementation would help an organization.

The definition of a digital workplace

The digital workplace is a cloud centric platform where a modern day business would move over to the digital space. The platform is known to contain all tools, applications along with collaborative features to perform work within a secure online interface. An employee can access this from anywhere and anytime on their mobile device.

Within a digital workplace an employee has all the access to the digital tools they need to handle their everyday work including project management, collaboration and process management. It turns out to be a virtual replacement of the physical offices as it makes it easier for the employees to be access the amount of necessary business data via a single platform.

The team members may be working from different cities remotely or it can be from the same office. Within a digital workplace they are able to collaborate better.

Common myths to avoid with a digital workplace

A digital workplace is an intranet

An intranet in a company happens to be a private network  that may be accessed by employees who have authorized access. It may be put to use for active internal projects or discussions. Even it would allow an organization to store business data securely when you are managing projects in real time. For storing company data no longer there is a need for a separate database that is going to save time, money along with frustration for the employees.

It is not a collection of apps

Merely because of the fact that your company uses dozes of applications to collaborate work, will not mean that you are having a digital workplace. More the number of applications you are using in your work the more difficult it would become difficult for the employees to be managing their work.

Restoring to more of SaaS applications would develop a scattered or a fragmented work environment. Locating data also becomes a difficult task since the data is spread across numerous applications.

Digital workplace is a tool of collaboration

Collaborative applications ensure that the team members would be having real time conversations wherever they are. But often it is limited to the process of communication. No longer it is a mere communication tool. It is about managing cases and tracking down the performance of a project and undertake automation of repetitive tasks.

It is not a Saas tool that you may purchase to enhance efficiency and digital performance in an organization. This appears to be an on- going digital strategy that may require a cultural change at the end of your company. It makes sure that you need to align with the priorities of your organization, employee expectations and business goals.

To conclude a digital workplace transforms the manner by which an organization conducts their work. An employee would need access to multiple applications during the day to access their work. At an average an organization uses around 16 SaaS applications as this number is expected to rise everyday.

But if there are  a lot of tools it can lead to a degree of confusion among the employees. For accomplishing a single task they need to switch applications to and fro. The worse part is that the employees wasting a lot of time to undertake this activity.