8 Tips to set up your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is one of the best professional platforms everyone with or without a job should join in 2022. It is, of course, an online resume, but it is more than just that. It gives you a professional experience where you can connect with like-minded people and get relevant job offers.

If you are hunting for a job, being on LinkedIn is one of the top essential things. Investing time in this social platform could benefit each one of us. So check out here 10 tips to set up a LinkedIn profile on this blog.

LinkedIn URL

Once you create the LinkedIn profile, you can add or attach your LinkedIn link for any job emailing or application process. But there is something you should do before sending it to anyone.

When you create a new LinkedIn account, you will get an automatically generated URL with a few numbers to identify the account. You can change this to a more professional URL, with, say, your name. It will also add to your personal branding.

LinkedIn Headline

The next important thing is to craft a unique and impressive headline. It is also the first step you do when you create the profile. Once you enter the work history, it will automatically have the template headline of your job title and the company name.

But it is not mandatory to maintain the same. You can play around and create a unique headline that will make you stand out. The maximum number of characters you can enter is 220. Out of this, around 65 characters will be immediately visible when people search for you or see your comments. Therefore, crafting an impressive headline, especially the first 65 characters, could be a game-changer.

Using Keywords

Keywords play a significant role in finding out potential candidates. For example, if the recruiters search for a particular job title, the most common names that pop out will have the specific job title in their headline.

Scan through a few LinkedIn profiles and decide on the headline keywords you can use. There is a trick to getting this right. Most people type the headline in the form of words split by some symbols. So you can enter many keywords that indicate your job even without having a complete sentence.

For instance, if you are a writer, you will be able to keep a headline like Writer – SEO Specialist – Creative Writing – Storytelling – Editing. Using such keywords will help you to be easily reached.

Set up your profile

Most people create a LinkedIn profile and then let it stay idle. Setting up your profile on the platform is important to reach more people and connect with professionals in your field. Furnish the details like education, work experience, certifications, languages known, skills section, and others. You can also use an ‘Open to work’ feature to show the recruiters you are looking for a job.

Quality Profile Picture

Your profile photo on LinkedIn is the first impression you can create or the second after the headline. Your profile can be viewed many times, and the headline and profile photo decide if you move further.

So having quality as well as a professional picture is essential. It shows the kind of attitude and thoughts you have. It is an essential aspect of how you present yourself and how you build your brand.

Innovative Cover Photo

The cover photo, also known as the header, gives you the creative space to add a personal touch to your profile. You can add anything from an inspirational post and quote to industry-related images. Few even add the services they offer. But make sure there isn’t too much text.

Craft an impressive about

The ‘about’ section is another crucial part of the LinkedIn profile. It is like an SOP or career summary explained in detail and in impressive sentences. You can write for a maximum of 2000 words, which is more than what you can write in a resume. This gives you the space and freedom to craft a compelling pitch as your about.

If you seek a job, it will act like a cover letter showing why you are a potential candidate. You can also use bullet points to mention your achievements and experience.

Use the featured and skills section wisely

You can use the “featured” section to highlight and link posts, articles, blogs, and other media content. You can even upload videos. Of course, this gives you a chance to put out a video resume. But in essence, it is an easily accessible portfolio that emphasizes your recent and exciting works.

When you enter the skills in the specified column, you can add up to 50 skills. What makes this section interesting is unlike a resume where you merely state your skills, you can ask your clients, colleagues, and LinkedIn connections to endorse specific skills in your profile. Naturally, the more endorsed your skills are, the better the impression.