8 Expert Ways to Use Whiteboard Videos for SaaS Product

So your team has developed a remarkable SaaS product. But there are thousands of SaaS companies around the globe. According to Business Wire, the SaaS market was valued at $272.49 Billion in 2021.

How will you ensure that your remarkable product attracts an audience when you market it? The answer is – By choosing the proven tactics!

Around 52% of whiteboard videos are used for marketing, with a 15% better retention rate than any other type of corporate video. With whiteboard animated videos in your marketing strategy, you have more chances to penetrate users and capture them.

SaaS product videos are your go-to solution for a marketing strategy. SaaS Videos are not only great for pitching your idea to potential clients but help boost conversion and signups.


Easy to understand, entertaining, and informative whiteboard videos always engage the interested people to the end of the video.

Sounds like a go-to hack for B2B Products? It surely is.

Let’s see how big brands have used whiteboard videos in their marketing strategy.

What Are Whiteboard Videos?

A Whiteboard video is a digital way to explain a concept or service, similar to writing on a whiteboard. With the nostalgia of learning on a whiteboard in the classroom, these videos have the potential to narrate a story with a highly engaged audience.

Different Ways Companies Can Leverage Whiteboard Animation for SaaS

Now, if you want to use animated whiteboard videos for your SaaS Products, here are some of the best ways to do it.

Show the Interactive Journey

To walk your potential client through the architectural framework of your Saas product, these videos can become your digital sales asset. Customers who take an interest in your product want to know the development in detail.

Here is an example of a VxRail Whiteboard Animated Video

  • The video explains the entire product development cycle from start to finish.
  • Users learn how they extended the operational simplicity in VxRail to SaaS multi-cluster management.
  • A walkthrough that answers every “HOW” question of prospects.

The Art of Storytelling

Whiteboard videos are best when businesses want to share stories with solutions. If viewers can relate to this story, they are more likely to go through the product.

Now with a SaaS product, you will need a story that focuses on B2B conversion.

The story should be around pain points and the problems of users. The main goal of the story here is to relate with users and then take them towards the solution. The message could be the brand’s vision, mission, or inspiration behind the solution.

Here is an example from monday.com. The entire video marketing process is based on storytelling.

  • Started with a history of work management
  • Took through all possible solutions used till now
  • Once all problems were presented, Monday software was the only answer at the end of the video.

Whiteboard to Educate Users

While video marketing offers endless opportunities to creatively attract the target audience, educating the end-user is a great way to market your SaaS product and services. You can create whiteboard explainer videos to inform the audience and change their perspective of an issue related to the product.

For example, if you have developed CRM-based software, you can create explainers on how CRM has evolved over the years and how it can bring amazing results for brands.

Example- Whiteboard Animation Video for Mercadeo Education.

  • Simple motion with a clear message
  • Engaging voiceover and light music that does not hinders the main message

Use Data to Market Your SaaS Videos

Similar to how data-driven infographics work, videos work better in terms of engagement. More than 78% of B2B buyers share infographics with their colleagues.

Similarly, a whiteboard video with a data presentation that is related to your industry is a good idea to show the audience the problems and market status. Since it’s a video, you can quickly show the solutions to previous stats and market problems in the next slides with your product being the hero of this story.

Here is an excellent example of a Data-driven whiteboard video by exaltus.

  • Simple designs and storytelling engages users to watch the complete video
  • Stats turn into solutions without much change-making the whole video natural

Simplify Complex Details

If you are selling a complex SaaS product to a new client, there is nothing better than a custom whiteboard animation video that explains the product in detail. When the audience does not understand your product and its benefits for their business, they are less likely to buy it.

But if you can explain things and make these complex topics simple, they might think of contacting you for more.

For instance, if you are selling financial software, the potential customer would need to know why they need it for day-to-day tasks. Use whiteboard explainer videos and explain everything with characters and easy-to-understand language, helping them learn.

Here is an example of DataSwitch

  • Creative graphics but minimal design approach ensures focus on messaging
  • The use of colors and fonts makes the video branded
  • Clear depiction of how features of SaaS deliver benefits to users

Create Social Media Videos for Quick Audiences

As much as your landing pages need whiteboard animation, social media is another excellent way to promote a product or service and reach millions of people in no time.

No matter how expensive the product is, the ROI makes it worthwhile. So, you should create a 60-second whiteboard animated product video covering an essential ‘problem-solution-features’ section or highlight it as an Instagram Reel. Repurpose your videos on social media to get higher traffic.

Product Demonstration Videos

Out of all the ways any brand can use whiteboard videos, Product Demonstration stays at the top. Talking about the problem, portraying the solution and the process behind the solution is not easy to show viewers. But whiteboard animated videos take out the distractions and stay simple.

Brands are utilizing these videos in sales pitches, landing pages, and social media ads.

Bloomin Promotions

  • Good sync between voiceover and animation makes the video holistic.
  • Starting from pain points grabs the attention of viewers.
  • CTA in the end drives visitors to the website.

How to Explainers

Unlike the traditional how-to tutorials, Whiteboard animated videos can become a more straightforward way to create how-to videos.

You focus more on the message than the animations, colors, and otter elements.

You can also include a screenshot of the actual images of the software with each step and create unique whiteboard content to make things easy for the user. These videos are sharable and bring people to your website, leading to increased sales and search engine ranking.

Here is an example of a Law-Whiz agency that explains how it works for both parties.

  • The creative Storytelling approach with 2 characters like the audience is super relatable
  • Detailed graphic designs depict the use-case of buyers clearly.

Over to You

While great whiteboard videos can market your SaaS differently, there are plenty of things to consider before creating such videos. From finding the right video production agency to using them in the marketing funnel, there is a lot to do to make the product successful.

Author bio:- Komal Kokate is the Co-Founder and CEO of MotionGility, an Explainer Video Company. With a keen eye for creativity, she is an expert in video marketing. While delivering high results to clients, she loves exploring the market and the latest marketing trends in the B2B industry. Connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.