8 Benefits of Installing Indoor Navigation System in Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are increasingly becoming more complex, spanning multiple buildings and levels. It can be stressful, time-wasting, and challenging to shop in a mall with all the different floors and shops and the crowd coming in. It isn’t easy to even find the help desk in such a crowd.

Your phone’s GPS can only show you that the store is in the mall. Imagine if you also had a live map to guide you through such a big crowd indoors. Thankfully, Digital Twin Capabilities offer accurate and simple turn-by-turn navigation in shopping malls, allowing visitors to quickly and easily locate their favorite shops.

Here’s a list of eight benefits that show the need for installing an indoor navigation system in your shopping mall.

1.   Accuracy 

Typically, traditional indoor wayfinding services don’t offer location accuracy as GPS isn’t designed for accurate indoor positioning. Also, beacons wear out fast and can’t work effectively in the long term. Fortunately, indoor navigation systems don’t rely on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or other similar signals. The systems provide shoppers with navigational assistance to help them find products and shops they need more accurately.

2.   Loyalty

When navigation becomes stress-free, customers would want to re-visit your mall as their shopping experience was fantastic. They’ll also remain loyal to your mall and can recommend it to their friends. This helps build a loyal customer base.

3.   Increase Sales

Indoor navigation can be a huge marketing opportunity by providing information about customer positions. That means that if a customer is at the pasta aisle, they’ll automatically receive a promotion or offer on pesto or probably a Bolognese recipe with a special deal on the ingredients needed for the meal.

The mall can also provide information about any offers or sales happening to the items the customer is looking for. This reduces the number of shoppers who leave a mall without making purchases because they’re unable or lack time to locate the products or sales they’re looking for.

4.   Assists Visually-Impaired Shoppers

Usually, visually-impaired people require indoor mapping for a responsible accessibility plan. This system provides accurate directions, and voice commands as they are often ways visually impaired shoppers can navigate the mall.

5.   Enhance Safety Management

Evacuating your customers quickly, orderly, and safely is challenging for shopping malls. Fortunately, an indoor positioning system goes a long way to ensuring customer safety in emergencies.

6.   Shopping And Mall Management

Shoppers have to be satisfied for them to re-visit. The best way to satisfy shoppers is to help them find what they’re searching for quickly and conveniently. An indoor navigation system identifies shoppers’ shopping interests and patterns. With that data, you can position each store appropriately.

7.   Line Management

Lines might take up a lot of space, especially with social distancing protocols. An indoor navigation system provides space and line management options that allow shoppers to make reservations and save their spots in the queue. This helps them avoid frustrations and saves time and space by eliminating crowded, physical queues.

8.   Consumer Data and Integration

The indoor navigation system provides analytics that boosts marketing efforts and profitability.

Shopper Analytics and Insights 

Indoor navigation systems provide insights into how customers use the shopping mall map. Do they mostly browse categories or search for a location? How many customers search for “hats” and select a specific store? If most customers search for a particular retailer that isn’t available at your facility, you might note the demand for that store and lease out that space. The data can also provide information on the shopper’s behavior and intent. It would be best to use this data when renovating or developing your mall’s layout.

Integrations With Conversational AI

Location data from indoor navigation systems can be resourceful when you’re looking to create AI chatbots for your website or mall app. You can answer your shopper’s queries better by providing your AI with accurate customer behavior data.


Setting up an indoor navigation map is affordable and comes with numerous benefits. The   Digital Twin Capabilities make everything more convenient for shoppers, mall owners, and shopkeepers alike. The mall owners can provide shoppers with a fantastic experience and create a loyal customer base which benefits them ultimately.