6 Actionable Tips on How to Improve Business Productivity

Out of many things that matter to a business, productivity is one of them. A productive workforce is imperative for business growth. I was checking the price of Spectrum Internet Package when I stumbled upon a study that reported productivity during WFH went up by 47 percent.

When we talk about business productivity, we are actually referring to not only to productivity tools used like time tracking apps, project management tools, but also to employee productivity. Boosting employee productivity while saving time is something leaders and managers are struggling with.

Using some top strategies, it is possible to achieve business productivity and bring out the best in your team. Let’s check out these hacks:

1: Set Realistic Goals

A significant cause of workplace stress is unrealistic goals, workloads, and deadlines. The solution here is pretty simple – set realistic goals.

Most managers end up disengaging their employees by telling them they didn’t do enough. If you’re doing this, stop right away. Setting unattainable goals won’t get you anywhere. This could result in poor performance, higher staff turnover, and employee dissatisfaction.

2: Improve Workplace Conditions

Don’t forget to look after the work environment because it has a serious impact on productivity. Even if you have a limited budget, some things can still be improved such as:

  • Adding more natural light
  • Having a common area
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Adding windows
  • Investing in quality chairsVisit Here: wpswebnews

If possible, improve the workplace aesthetics so that your employees actually enjoy working.

3: Communicate Effectively

Effective communication reduces conflict, boosts employee engagement, and allows you to form stronger bonds with external stakeholders.

Encouraging positive, open communication at all levels of your organization will considerably improve its effectiveness as a whole. Encouraging positive, open communication at all levels of your organization will considerably increase its overall effectiveness.

Here are some tips to improve communication:

  • Encourage your workforce to ask questions and share their opinions
  • Tell your team they are doing a great job. Positive reinforcement works wonders, you know!
  • Use communication tools like Skype, Slack, Flock, Google Hangouts, Microsoft teams
  • Organize frequent team building activities for boosting engagement and fostering positive work relationship

4: Block Unnecessary Sites

You might have found your employees spending time on sites like YouTube, Facebook, and other social media networks when you are supposed to be working. This could become an issue when your team ends up wasting productive hours on this activity as well.

An easy solution is to block all unnecessary sites so that your team doesn’t waste hours and complete their daily KPIs on time.

5: Have Shorter and Fewer Meetings

Let’s be real, meetings can often be a waste of time. In fact, meetings can greatly interrupt workflow. Therefore, arrange meetings only when necessary. If it can be an email, make it an email.

On the other hand, when arranging a team meeting is necessary, make sure you create a meeting agenda in advance and stick to your notes. Ask everyone to join on time and keep the meeting short.

6: Delegate Tasks

Whenever possible, delegate tasks. You can’t do everything on your own. Plus, delegating responsibilities can boost employee morale as well as job satisfaction. Identify the qualified and credible employees from your team and give them more responsibility. They will appreciate it too.

This is a chance for your workforce to gain new skills as well as leadership experience. It will also give a sense of direction to your employees when it comes to their careers.

7: Make Sure Your Employees Are Happy

There is no way you can yield positive results in a stressful workforce. Employees who constantly work under stressful conditions are not just less predictive, they are disengaged. The absenteeism ratio is high among these employees too.

Don’t disappoint your employees. Let them know that the organization appreciates them. There are lots of ways of boosting employee satisfaction such as sending an appreciation email, rewarding an employee for a job well done, sending cards on birthdays and more.

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8: Encourage Physical Activity

Encourage your team to get up and move because exercise has a positive impact on not just your mood but mood performance. It improves focus and you feel sharper than ever. Allow them to exercise on their work break. If there is a workplace gym they can join, that’s even better.

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