4 Tips to Build an Email Marketing Strategy for ECommerce  

Email marketing remains an influential factor that can increase your brand recognition in the market and help you to reach your business goals. It’s true for the eCommerce business, regardless you are already a big name in the eCommerce industry or a recently decided to break into the market, you should take time and effort to build an email marketing strategy. It is a great communication channel with your customers that will build credibility and increase brand awareness. Email marketing will help you generate leads and boost sales.

4 advice to develop an email marketing strategy for eCommerce

Email marketing can give you not only mentioned benefits but also drive more traffic to eCommerce websites and turn you into customer advocates who will recommend your brand. But for that, you should have an email marketing strategy that will take your eCommerce business to success. We will discuss four tips that can be helpful when building an email marketing strategy for eCommerce.

  • Create your marketing plan

One of your first steps should be making a marketing plan, which should be your guide during the whole journey. That plan must include the goals that you want to achieve in your eCommerce business. It will also show steps to use email campaigns to achieve these goals. Don’t forget to include what part of the budget should be devoted to email marketing and what kind of team will be responsible for this marketing plan.

2.  Write a catchy and personalized subject line

Surveys have shown that people don’t open a big percentage of emails sent by eCommerce brands. To avoid this scenario, your job should be to create catchy headlines that will support lead generation and all your email marketing efforts. And because the subject line plays such a huge role in email marketing, you should personalize and be interested. There are different ways to achieve that. You can add customers’ names and what makes them feel special. Also, try to add a sense of urgency, but remember that your customers should get what they expect.

3. Create a well-written call to action

After having a great subject line, your job should be writing a well-thought-out call to action. They already opened the email your job as an eCommerce brand should convince people to buy your product. Therefore, writing a call to action should be clear and simple, but also try to be unique as well. This is the most important part, the customers should take the desired action, so it’s a great idea to add testimonials. If you want that visitors uploaded your digital learning software or other product, you should highlight the benefits. 

4. Analyze the buyer’s journey and send follow-ups

To achieve the results, make sure you understand all stages of your buyer’s journey. First, inform your customer about your new product. Next, share with your customers the benefits of that product. And finally, convince your customers why they need to buy your product at that time. And don’t forget to write great follow-ups that will increase sales.

Final thoughts

You can’t underestimate the strength of email marketing for your business growth. For your eCommerce brand, you should formulate a great email marketing strategy. We gave your tips to achieve that. First, have a solid marketing plan. Also, create great subject lines so people will open the email and write a call to action, so people will buy your product. And understand your buyer’s journey to build a powerful email marketing strategy for eCommerce.