4 Signs That It’s Time to Call One of The Commercial Exterior Painting Services Indianapolis IN

When was the last time that you took a good look at the commercial building that you own and occupy? Could it be time to think about freshening the exterior a little? There are a number of signs that now would be a good time to call one of the commercial exterior painting services Indianapolis IN and work with a contractor to come up with a new look for the building.

Here are some of the signs that you should make the call today.

The Place is Looking Run Down

Optics mean a lot in terms of making positive impressions on customers. If the building’s exterior is not looking all that great these days, some potential customers are likely to be turned off by the experience. Those are lost opportunities that you may never have the chance to gain again.

It’s amazing what fresh paint can do to help make a commercial building look fresher, cleaner, and more inviting. See a new coat as a way to make the place more visually appealing, and motivate people to come in and find out what you can do for them.

Or The Color Scheme is Outdated

All in all, the exterior is in good shape. The only real issue is that the color scheme used for the outside is no longer popular. In fact, those colors make the place look as if what’s inside may be a little dated too.

With the aid of a contractor, it’s possible to come up with a new color scheme that tends to remain popular. Doing so will enhance the look of the exterior and make it more appealing to anyone who might be interested in doing business with you or any of the other business operations that occupy the building.

You’re Changing the Company Image

While the outside still looks good, decisions about refreshing the company’s image also mean doing something about the way the building looks. New signage is only the beginning. You also want to change the color scheme so that it’s more in line with that change in marketing and public relations.

This is another area here contractors with commercial exterior painting services Indianapolis IN can make a difference. Discussions about what you have in mind will provide inspiration for new color schemes. There’s a good chance that the contractor can suggest a few minor touches that fit right in with the image you want to project.

Getting The Building Ready for a New Tenant

A recent vacancy left an office suite available, and there is someone interested in leasing the space. The thing is that the prospective tenant has reservations about the building’s exterior. It would be nice if it looked a little fresher.

Since you’re not adverse to making a change, you decide to have the exterior painted. The color scheme selected works fine for you, and the other tenants are happy about the change. With a little luck, this will also please the prospective tenant, and ensure that the suite does not remain empty for long.

Take a look at the building today, and see what you think. If new paint would make a difference, call a contractor. When you see the results, there will be no doubt that you made a wise choice.