3 Fun Spring Hobbies for Kids

As the weather gets warmer, spring fever is real — especially if you have kids! It’s time to break out of the house and spend some time outside!

With this list of fun activities that kids can enjoy alone or with the family, your children will have no shortage of great memories this spring as they embrace the (somewhat unpredictable) warmer weather.

Here are three great spring hobbies children of all ages can enjoy.

1. Enjoy DIY Bubbles Outside

For a simple activity that can keep kids busy for hours, consider having them make their own bubble mix and letting them blow bubbles outside.

Bubble mix is simple to make with only water, dish soap, and sugar. The sugar helps slow down the water evaporation, meaning that these bubbles will last longer. You can even put on gloves to catch some bubbles without breaking them. It’s the oils in our hands that cause bubbles to pop.

Kids can play all kinds of games with DIY bubbles, such as racing to see who can pop the most or playing tag by trying to blow bubbles that hit the other players. It’s also fun to just blow bubbles and watch them blow in the wind as they drift to the ground!

2. Have Friends Over for Birdhouse Building

One of the things all children share is a fascination with other animals. Building birdhouses is a great way to allow your kids to spend time with their friends while building something they can enjoy all year.

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You can either have them build birdhouses from scratch or purchase birdhouse kits. The houses can be painted and hung near a window so your children can watch birds go in and out all summer.

Of course, anytime you’re going to have others over, you want to make sure the activity is safe. Supervise the use of any tools and make sure you have home insurance to protect yourself.  If you need a referral, be sure to check with Freeway Insurance to get the best rate on your home insurance, so everyone is safe and protected.

3. Start a Garden

Gardening is a rewarding activity for people of all ages, and it’s something that you can enjoy alongside your kids. If you don’t have a lot of space, simply let your child plant something in a pot. They can care for it afterward, watering it regularly and enjoying the beauty.

You can grow a variety of flowers, herbs, and even vegetables in containers, so don’t be shy about letting your kids take a shot at gardening. If you have room in your yard to plant them, that’s even better! Either way, kids learn about life, patience, and the natural cycle of growth and harvest.

Enjoy Spring!

With the weather changing and the days getting longer, it’s important that kids have fun activities to enjoy during the springtime. Playing outside, having friends over for crafts, and planting a garden are all great ways for children to enjoy the season.

Talk to your kids about their interest level in the activities in this guide. Then, get some simple supplies and get started. You might find some new interests for yourself as well!